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My new ride - 2008 GSR600 with only 1,298 on the clock

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DrewBytes, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. I'm coming off restrictions soon and have been giving a lot of though to whether to upgrade or not, and what to. I've been thinking about various bikes but when I saw an advertisement for this one I snapped it up to save myself quite a bit off new price.

    I got it for $7990 with 1,298 kms on the clock. It was first reg in 5/09 so still has most of the 2 year warranty left.

    I had the bike shipped from Melb to Canberra via Fergusson's and it arrived last night. Gave it a clean, polished all the metal bits and took some pics.

    Have to register it in ACT now. A mate who lives around the corner will be riding it for me until I can (lucky bugger). I've only ridden it the length of my very long driveway.

    First impressions - it's VERY different from my GS500F. I know it's one of those love it or hate it things like the B-King, and I love it! Love the dash, the mirrors will take some getting used to I think, the tank looks so big when you're sitting on it, seat is very comfy and well padded compared to the GS500, and it is very quiet exhaust wise. I don't know if it's because it has no screen or not, but you feel like you're sitting a lot closer to the front of the bike.

    Interestingly full comp insurance is $45 cheaper per annum than the GS500 - they said because many LAMS bikes get dropped.

    So for the moment I'm still riding the GS500, and when I sell it the difference between the two bikes cost wise will only be $2-$3k - gotta be happy with that.



  2. Nice pickup. Looks very tidy.
    Sounds like you snagged a bargain.

    I dont think id let a mate ride it regularly before i could.
    If it by chance gets dropped, the relationship between you and your mate could get nasty.

    IMHO - id keep it nice and shiny in the garage till i was ready.
  3. Congrats DrewBytes !
    Great looking bike and in awesome condition. My thoughts are similar to vornar's - I'd hate having someone else ride my new possession :)
    Enjoy it mate and have fun !
  4. Not regularly, just so I can get the RWC etc :grin:
  5. Looks very tidy mate, congrats on the purchase!

    Fender eliminator inc?
  6. Very nice, I quite like these things.
  7. Very nice!

    but wtf is that shiny thing next to the indicator/above the rear tyre in the last pic? :shock:
  8. Black bikes look so tough. Enjoy the ride!
  9. The rear indicators wrap around - the rear part is the main indicator but it wraps down the side of the bike in an L shape which is mostly clear on the side but does have a tiny indicator in it. It's the angle of the photo that makes it look funny.
  10. Drew,

    That looks like a great deal. Essentially a new bike for 8 grand. I had not seen the gsr in black but yours looks great. It's now on the list of things to try.

    Have you had any thoughts on mods yet or are you going to run it stock for a while?

  11. Rob,

    I'm going to get a radiator screen, but apart from that ride it for a bit and see. I don't know what it will be like without a windscreen so that might be an option.

    Also I'll think about an exhaust as it seemed very quiet at idle, but I'll wait and see on that one. Don't really want to spend much money, but I always end up modding my cars/bikes it seems!
  12. Great looking bike! I love my gixxer but was checking out these on the weekend, sometimes I wonder if something like that'd be easier around town... but I'm not ready to give up my baby just yet ;)
  13. I think these are a very nice looking bike. I'd be ditching the shovel though.

    As for noise, wait until you get it up in the revs.... its got a very nice in-line 4 noise going on.

    Took one of these for a test ride and was giggling like a school girl when I got back. Nice pick up :)
  14. I know this may sound a bit silly, but I rode it for the first time today, just up and down my driveway, can't legally ride on the road yet. I was only in first gear, and the most I got to was a bit under 4000 rpm :shock: , but I was grinning from ear to ear. This thing is fast compared to the GS500. Bloody hell it will feel so fast on the road when I can legally ride her and open it up.

    It feels like it's got plenty of low rpm oomph which is nice. It feels different especially in a tight u-turn, will take some getting used to. I'm still grinning :grin:
  15. I am currently trying to decide on one of these or the SV650 when I upgrade early next year. Yours looks great, I hadn't seen one in black yet.
  16. Well I've done a few mods and that's all!

    - mirror extenders, vital for this bike as mirrors are useless
    - radiator screen
    - dark smoke touring screen
    - Banditmania (UK) exhaust. Small rumble at idle but she bellows when you're up her.

  17. I am generally one to refrain from negative comments about other peoples bikes…
    But those tail lights…
  18. Looks great man, congrats. Time will crawl until you can get out on it!

    Re: comparisons with the GS - exhaust sounds quieter because it's an inline 4 cyl engine, the GS is a twin, therefore bigger cylinders = bigger bangs.
    Feeling like you're hanging over the front is just the shape of the bike - it's designed to sit you forward over the front wheel (good weight bias for cornering) while the GS is a bit more upright and "laid-back". Just different ergonomic designs. You'll find you put a lot of weight on your arms and wrists for a while before you train yourself out of it.
    I'm surprised the tank looks big to you - I haven't sat on one but my memories of a GS was a massive expanse of blue metal between me and the bars...

    Anyhoo, keep it looking nice and shiny until you can go out and get it dirty!