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My New Ride!!! 07 GPX250...ziiiiing!!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Leighroy09, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Hey duuuuuudes!!!

    So I just picked up my first bike on Friday night and I LOVE IT :LOL:

    Thanks so much for all your help, uve been awesome!!

    For those of you that dont know, I was originally gonna go with a Sachs Madass or Express but I got shot down in flames for those ideas

    Then I tired asking about this Zongshen brand and I cop'd it again.

    "stick to the brands that have a good rep" was repeated to me over and over and since I know zero about bikes I took your advise.

    May I present my 2007 Kawasaki GPX250, 4400kms, receipts 4 recent services and 10 months rego all for $4400!




    I've taken off the flames (cause I'm not Evil Knievel) and the GPX stickers cause the guy I bought it from tried to take em off but failed, leaving a PX.

    Does anyone know if you can buy GPX decals anymore? Ebay has let me down :-s

    Anyway I've been having the best time ride'n all over Sydney and looking forward to my first weekend cruise 2 the Hunter Valley with some mates.

    I'd just like to say thanks again 4 all ur time it's been the biggest help!

    Now excuse me while i go look at my bike while I finish my beer :beer:
  2. Haha love the last picture, champion

    Congrats and all that too, I don't think I need to say have fun :p

  3. :shock:
    .. it's Adam Sandler !!! :LOL:

    Congrats mate on a good choice in bike!
  4. BAAAAHHHHAAA i get that Adam Sandler call all the time!!!

    Cheers thanks 4 the comments!!

    So much fun!
  5. Great pics!! I'd say your GPX looks sooo much better without the decals... Just my opinion..
  6. oh yeah 4 sure...those flames made it look like my BMX when I was 13.

    Ur opinion is more then welcome in this instance :)
  7. Looks good. Resale wont love you, but looks nice in plain black. Good choice.
  8. haha yeah I thought about that Phizog, but in the end it was either take the stickers off or go the whole hogg and buy red blue and white leather with matching cape, helmet and boots.

    As cool as that would be I'm not gonna look very Evil stalling @ the light with a big L plate on the back :D
  9. Wow ever thought of becoming Adam Sandler's double?

    Nice bike.. :) Don't mind me asking, how much did it set you back? Currently in the market for a similar bike..
  10. haha I can see the Adam Sandler jokes are gonna keep on roll'n in ](*,)!!!!

    Yeah it was $4400, with a recent service, just under 4400kms and 10 Months rego.

    I'm finding it really easy to learn on since it only ways aprox 140kgs and the gears seem to be easierTo shift compared to the Learner program bikes.

    The peak power doesn’t reach unit something like 11,000 or 12,000 rpm so unless ur really flogging it it’s nice and slow for beginners. That being said I took it up to 11,000 yesterday and it scared the shit out of me!

    There was another GPX for sale on Ebay I was looking @ 06 model with 2000kms but it needed a service and had 2 days or rego left. I think it was aprox $4100. I went and had a look and everything seemed fine. It was in Western Sydney area.

    If you have any questions just let me know and I’d be more than happy to help.

  11. +1 on looking better all black.
  12. Definitely, i'm loving the very clean look.. Unlike the typical flames or decals.. I reckon keep it this way.. :)
  13. Yeah I think I might keep it as is...I'll try'n find some gpx stickers maybe for resale.

    Took me about 4-5 hours with my gf's blow dryer, metho and detail spray to get them off...I did have about 7-8 beers in that time just to get the creative energies going tough.

    It's amazing the great ideas you come up with over a few beers...simply amazing :beer: :idea:
  14. Hey Agro thanks heaps for that mate, that'll come in very handy!!

    How'd u find out? u take the flames off??

    Cheers :D
  15. Nice thongs, I believe I have the same.
  16. Nice Tim!

    But do u look as Adam Sandlerish as I do in ur Havianas? well do Ya??? :D
  17. Congrats !

    LOL @ Adam Sandlers posts.

    Remember to visit the Ninja250 site for all mechanical queries.
    Even though they're US based, the Ninja250 wiki is a wealth of info.
  18. Yeah thanks Driven!

    I found it a couple of days ago, it's so good!

    It's got info on every bit of the bike, so I'm looking forward to my first services so I can see how everything works "under the hood" haha
  19. I didnt see the bike, just the Adam Sandler dude with thongs on lol