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My new red 2011 Ninja 250r

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Netrosis, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. http://netrosis.imgur.com/motorbike Link to Gallery



    Such a wonderful and confidence inspiring bike to ride.

    Unfortunately I took her for a ride to get used to the bike and the registration/licence plate AND tag (orange thingy screwed to it) both came off while riding, and I didn't notice until I got home.

    I went back and searched for them and couldn't find them so she's had to sit in the garage all day.

    I know most people don't care too much for stories but for me learning to ride was an important and life changing step in my life. I explain why in a bit more detail in my intro thread:
    Link to my Intro thread

    But to save you the trouble of clicking, basically a while ago I developed Agoraphobia and a Social Phobia, two fairly restrictive anxiety problems. As an example I wouldn't go outside, I wouldn't answer the phone unless I knew who was calling and if I knew it was for me. Even when people visited my house I would freak out and get anxious and have anxiety attacks.

    As part of therapy to get out of that hole I had to take small steps to get out there and experience things to help overcome the anxiety and panic attacks. Eventually I got comfortable with going to the shopping centre to buy food, I could sit down to get a haircut without passing out and so on.

    Eventually I decided that I should start doing things I've wanted to do instead of dreaming and wishing to do it. So I said to my parents that I was going to get my motorcycle licence and buy a motorcycle. Their reaction was a mixed emotion of humour and shock, they really didn't think I would go through with it and when I kept going on about it they finally realised I was serious. After that they kept trying to talk me out of it until I explained how much of an important goal it was.

    Jump forward to May and I purchased a lot of safety gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, draggin jeans, and full protective boots) and took a learn to ride course. I don't think there's words that could explain the level of anxiety mixed with excitement and adrenaline that I was going through. About an hour into learning I started cornering and started out quite wide, when I felt like I was going to hit a gutter, and instinctively grabbed that front brake.

    Well I went down and fortunately wasn't hurt, the bike got a few small scrapes but no big deal. It kinda freaked me out but I knew straight after what I had done wrong and tunneled my vision into the corner and then of course grabbing that front brake mid-turn.

    By the end of the day I was doing 100 kph on the highway and it was awesome fun. I really enjoyed it and completed my Q-Ride just 3 days later!

    After getting my licence I developed a new found confidence and ability to push through my anxiety and "just do it", and found myself doing things that I haven't done in years such as going to the Cinemas, riding a train and flying on a plane.

    I even managed to overcome my worst fear in the world, job interviews. Last Friday I just started an awesome new job!

    tl;dr - I had anxiety problems like Agoraphobia and a Social Phobia and getting my motorcycle licence helped give me the skills I need to overcome my anxiety problems and get a job!

    I have to thank netrider and Reddit's /r/motorcycles for all the wonderful newbie advice and tips on riding, buying motorcycles, insurance and gear. I don't think I could have done it without all you guys.
  2. mate, that is freakin awesome. well done to you. i know first hand (my wife has had her issues with anxiety), and it can be a pain in the rear to get over. Nice to hear that biking helped you, and the netrider guys. great story mate.
  3. oh, and nice bike!!! love that colour. i got the 650RL, i think i love kawas now LOL
  4. great story :)
  5. Awesome work. Well done.
  6. Good on you! And gongrats on the ninja, plenty of others have made the same sensiable choice here.
  7. That's quite an inspirational story, well done mate.
  8. Good to hear. Nice bike - nice story.

    And welcome to the group.

    <jk> Mate, if I lived in Ipswich, I'd be afraid to go outside too.</jk>
  9. That is a top story, very heart warming................now get back on your bike and enjoy the freedom :)
  10. Omg they make them in red again?

    ps dude congrats. Buying a motorbike to get over anxiety attacks has to be one of the ballsiest things I've heard.
  11. Congrats mate. I pick up the same bike/colour in 2 - 3 weeks. Can't wait!
  12. Yep! Passion Red! It looks beautiful!

    Also, riding a bike has helped me channel and control my adrenaline, and therefore anxiety. I still get anxious but it doesn't restrict me as much.
  13. Nice to see a ninja in something other than green. Damned things haunt my dreams. Nice lookin' bike bud
  14. ive got depression/anxiety, but nothing to that extent.
    the bike helps me aswell, and netrider is great for social interactions everyones friendy and share a common intrest so you have something to talk about.

    i always find it a bit amusing when the doctors/psych's tell me to go riding, (i had a centrelink interview and their psych specifically told me to go for a ride when i got home, to relax and work off the anxiety after the interview) and to go to the meets:p but as they say its something we have a passion for and are great tools to work through it.
    especially the social side, so get out to some meets.

    haha i reckon bikes are a great tool, my psych was amazed i was able to ride down and participate in a satdy learners session and participate comfortably in a strange environment. i struggle to get through church
  15. Congratulations on all fronts!
  16. Welcome to NR, Netrosis! Glad eveything is working out for you. I myself bought a Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom 2 and 1\2 months ago. :D
  17. Congrats mate you are a STAR...

    Very inspirational. Now forget about every thing else and enjoy your ride and I am sure you will feel way better.

    I am looking to get ER6 or Ninja 650

  18. That is one spunky looking bike Netrosis - I'm super impressed!!! Well done and congrats. Great to see another Kawasaki hitting the streets!

    +1 for everything else as well - sounds like you've got alot of positives in your life right now :)

  19. Well done Netrosis you have inspired me to get my licence after having my learners for over a year now . Hopefully we can go for a ride some time when I get everything organized , live just outside Ipswich . Where did you go for your q ride and learners course?