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My new R6!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Powers, May 13, 2008.

  1. Here he is !
    Ended up paying 14180 ride away after much barter! I love it!!


  2. No you didn't.

    How can you have bought a bike if there are no pictures?

    It is impossible.

    It does not exist within this realm of reality.

    Back into the portal demon-spawn. You are a hallucination and a crime against lucidity and conscious rationale.

    We do not accept this thread. We reject it. We hate you and everything you stand for.

    ... until you post photos.
  3. R6. That's the one with two wheels right? And he said red and white.
    Yeah, I can kind of imagine it if I close my eyes and try really hard.
  4. It's like he's patrolling GD for newbs to bite :D Good on him but, we need pics!
  5. well if u cared to read
    i pick it up FRIDAY !
    then there shall be pics :p
  6. It doesn't exist until Friday.

    So it's like dealing in futures - there's a bit of paper but nothing to photograph.
  7. I did read.
    I read all the words.

    Because there was no picture in your post that could possible distract my eyes from all those words to read.
  8. but but
    i have a piece of paper saying its mine !
  9. Take a photo of the piece of paper?
  10. Well I have a piece of paper that says differently.

    Unfortunately without photo's to back your claim, we have to go with the most recent document...

  11. It's an awesome bike Ktulu. Nice choice. +1 :)
  12. Thanks!

    Apparently I pick it up on Friday.

    Here's a pic
  13. Chris, you are a classic :rofl:.
  14. Have to say. WTF did they do the the Red & White R6 :?: :?: :?:

    The '07 model had to be close to the best looking motor vechile ever made :!: And they went and changed it. That black POS fairing has ruined the whole bike.

    08 R6 off new bike list. 07 R6 still staying there.
  15. You did really well there ktulu. R1s aren't my thing but I think you will be very happy. :grin:
  16. i tend to agree, but am waiting on the reviews... apparently the 08 has a much better mid range and revised mechanics throughout... could beat the cbr600rr

    either that, or by the time i get off my p's the 09 will come out and fingers crossed it'll make a return to the 07 scheme with the white tail
  17. pics up !
  18. I'm nearly 100% sure all the posts have been talking about an R6

    I don't really like the 08 colours of the R1/6

    I think mine looks better ;)
  19. congratulations sounds like a good deal you got there