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My new Purchase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Ok well might update most of you guys on my activities as haven't seen alot of since the NYE or just after, but if you didn't already know, i had a drop up in bright :( , i was fine, bike ended up damaged, to both fairing exhaust (s/h megacycle pipes) but was rideable, also developed a overheating problem not long after..... so i put it in for an insurance qoute (had full comp on it) 1 week later a cheque for 4.5k (yep my loud lady has gone too kwaka heaven or written off) so with my cheque firmly in hand i started looking at s/h bikes :grin: .

    Well what most of you don't know is i was also looking at property and had been for the end part of last year, well as timing would have it i found a property i was keen on, and yep you guessed it was about 5k short on the deposit so my funds for my new bike quickly got moved to funds for property. So after 3 days of back and forth with offers i got the accepted contract and a 30 day settlement, finance was then approved last friday, with deposit being paid yesterday. So i have been told all i now have too do is sign the bank papers and then wait out the other 14 days till settlement (unless something is wrong the the title/property information that is and then all this will fall through)

    Probably lucky actually none of you saw me during this 2 week process as this was as stressed as i have probably even been, and those that i saw during that time can atest too that :p But it seems too have all worked out well, except i am now slightly bald, with lots of stress wrinkles :LOL:

    So it's probably as safe as it is going to be say i am buying my first house. Anyway sorry for the long post just thought i would share my good news with you all and stay tuned for the house warming :grin:

    cheers stewy

    p.s: Will see you all on the road in 30 years time :wink:
  2. Congats :)

    I can't wait to get our own place.. Beats paying rent
  3. Congratulations of your purchase Stewy.

    Hopefully you will be back on the road in the no-too-distant future.

    Enjoy your new home in the meantime. :grin:
  4. congrats Stewy - all the best with the house. BTW - what suburb is it in ?
  5. Congrats Stewy!!

    :grin: :grin:
  6. yeah car will be going soon, so that will fund my new bike, as i wanted to changed that for a older station wagon i can use for camping etc so will hopefully be back in the 2 wheeled world before then

    It's in Rowville
  7. ahh, just up the road !
  8. Well done Stewy. Congrats. :)

    Sorry to hear about the bike though.
  9. well done Stewy, welcome to the world of home ownership..... and worries, and rates, and debt.....but it's good ....honest. In 25yrs it will all be yours.
  10. Well that's pharkin' useless. We've already got a headquarters out that way. Not to late to pull out of the deal and look somewhere else, is it?

    The great thing about home ownership is that you can degrease parts in the lounge, without risking your bond. Congratulations!
  11. Awesome Stewy, I look forward to the housewarming. Jason and me bought a place last week as well. Don't know if I talked about it up at Bright but we've been looking for a while.

    Anyway, cangrats :grin:
  12. Well done. Although it means being off the road for a while, makes outstanding financial sense. I bought 8 years ago and it has been a brilliant little money spinner. With the equity it is generating, and a few more financial manoeuvres, it will allow me to get set up very well.

    I remember the process being almost terrifying as well. I did the second inspection and signed a contract 8 hours before going interstate with work for 2 weeks. During which my conveyancer rang me in a panic because the bank had screwed everything up which gave the vendor an option out if he had had a better offer. (F%$^ing, b$%tard banks!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: ). Luckily it all turned out OK.
  13. Well guys it's all done!!!

    Signed sealed and delievered, yep thats right settlement was about half an hour ago, and just go the word, everything went through nicely.

    The keys are waiting for me to be picked up. I now join the home owners club (suck working for the next 30yrs to pay for it) But guess i can live with that.....

    anyway gotta run, got keys to be picked up

    cheers stewy
  14. nice one enjoy

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Stewy, you did the right thing. Well done.
  16. congrats again Stewy...... and the first official housewarming will be WHEN??????
  17. Well done Stewy. Glad it all went through ok.
  18. That drunk conversation a few months ago I'm sure I said "look at a VFR" and not "buy a house".....then again there was a few drinks involved so who knows....
  19. LOL Stewy, I know exactly how you feel. I to just brought a house a month ago and I tell ya I was pulling my hair out.

    You know they say everything should be sorted (paperwork) before 2 weeks of settlement. Well a week from settlement the bank still hadnt given me the loan papers to sign and i was heading over to perth mid week as well, which left 1 day for the papers to come, otherwise id be up sh!t creek. Luckily they came late afternoon and i got them signed and sorted out. Lets just say I dont want to do that for a while.

    Hey I only have 29 years and 11months before i own my house. YEAH!!!!!!
  20. hahahaha... you sure, i could swear you said buy a house :LOL: :wink:

    thanks for the well wishes and stay tuned for the housing warming :grin: :wink: