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my new project different hope u like

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by twinrock, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. over the years i have built up lotsa parts most i sell but some i put aside for a lil project such as this...i was after a bike to replace my mito400 as my daily rider...

    the bike started off as a 1979dt175 i had bought 2 one with a good top end and one with a good bottom end..i build it and rode it around the bush untill it died,electrical fault...i pulled it out about 2 months ago..with some other parts and played around,
    first i had a set rg250 forks fully adjustable these fitted perfectly into a set of rz250 triple clamps which has the same stem as the dt175 if u can beleive it so it fitted right up to the frame i had a set of rz250 wheels with good near new tyres on them a few spacers and i had the wheels fitted to the front the rear was a bit more difficult i had to make a carrier for the brake caliper and i used a tzr gear selector torque are as a brake stay some more spacers and alot of patients and done. i also had to make brakets up to fit the loverly brembo calipers then i modified the rear brake to fit the an rz250 master cylinder perfect the front was matched up with a braided line and brembo master cylinder. i had a light and indicators laying around too and fitted them
    tzr foot pegs were mounted as was an after market chrome speedo all electrics were sorted and a new stator was bought to replace the failed unit .the frame was stripped and any un need lugs and such were carefully cut off i also shortened the rear of the frame to match the seat..wheels tripples and frame was then 2 pac by me.. tank also painted i left the few lil dents in it as im not too worried . the top end i got has a near new piston and a nice lil port job rz reed block and cage bigger carb wheelies no prob at all
    then was a matter of the chain and spockets rz250 runs a 520 chain but dt is much smaller so i ran a yz125 front spocket witch is the same shaft as the dt but 520 pitch ..perfect
    the original pipe was used i was going to put an under slung one but it cancels any use of the rear pillion pegs and ive already got one bike i cant double on..lol the end of the pipe was a modified pipe from a thumpstar to extent the stinger section and the muffler is one i made in a a batch i made a while ago fully sevicable cnc ends...all in all i think it looks great...
    its lighter stops awsome and is a very fun lil engine...hope u like any one made any similar stroker projects??

  2. I like it :)

    old school 2 stroke motard!
  3. A bit of paragraphing helps the medicine go down.
  4. I like it! How does it ride?

    (That swingarm looks less than substantial...) :LOL:
  5. yeah sorry bout the writing styles...
    oddly enough the wheels are very close to the weight of the original dt steal spoked ones..
    and the swing arm is very heavy compared to an rdlc one which is very similar.. i had looked at a it175 alloy swing arm..but didnt want to spend too much
    the whole bike was done very cheap. i would say about $700 that includes chain sprockets, stator $165, paint, brand new kick starter and aftermarket tail light, and includes the original purchase price of the bike.
    i think its a lot of bike for that money and nothing but rego to spend
  6. I'm thinking about doing a similar build. A 1975 KT250 + Front&Back of a GB500 - a super light cafe/tracker thing.

    Here's a dodgy photoshop jobbie...


    Not sure of paint job, probably mat black engine, dark brown frame and tank (+ striping, maybe in gold or green)

    Any thoughts from the pro's??