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My new project. And my first Kawasaki.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Thanks to a new-found friend on another forum, I am now the proud owner of a 1986 GPX750 Kawasaki. Regarded by many as an "ugly duckling" apparently, I'm happy to try and get this one back on the road after 3 years out of rego and use it as my commuter. That way I can make my VFR last a whole lot longer.

    It was a bargain at the asking price in my opinion, and is absolutely intact and original. 77000kms and a comprehensive service record including new brake pads all round, fork seals and fork oil and new fork springs less than 3000kms ago.

    The bike has been sitting under a lean-to at his dad's garage so was very dirty, but it was easy to see the potential under the layer of dust.


    On the way home today, I cruised by the car wash and gave it a quick bath and it came up like this..


    First stop will be my mechanic for a complete assessment and advice on what needs to be done, how much it should cost, how much of I can do and what tricky bits I should leave to him.

    The acquistion of the GPX now means that, after 35 years of riding, I have now owned bikes from all of the 4 major Japanese manufacturers.
  2. Bike looks good man
  3. They must have used amazing paint 23 years ago!!!!
  4. Good score there.
  5. People tend to confuse my little gpx for that one because of the twin front discs, which isn't such a bad thing. Personally I like the 750's styling more. A bit like a Lamborghini Countach with those sharp edged vents.

    Does its 'ESCS' still work??
  6. wow, it looks in decent condition....goodluck
  7. The brakes work sort of but since it doesn't have a battery I haven't been able to check if any of the electrical things do.
  8. good score indeed. I still need to pick up a yammie for my grand-slam ;-)

    have fun with it.
  9. Geez, talk about scrubbing up alright! Got yourself a good looking bike there mate.

    Enjoy the refurbishment - boingk
  10. thread dig...

    nice pickup there, i actually just purchased one myself, going to pick it up on tuesday :D


    few issues (rusty tank, flooding carbs, cracked screen), but it'll be a nice bike to get back on the road :)
  11. How'd it end up, RC36?