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My new pony....

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by IDamageINCx, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I made it home safely from my "first ride to work day" in the Brizy peak hour today....

    Thanks to all the people providing valuable advice throughout this forum, it's really cool to be able to come here and read up on all the info....

    Thanks especially to Nite Kreeper for telling me about Netrider... 8-[

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  2. Pics or get the fuck out dude :D
    I'm so coming up in the new year to go riding with you - reckon we could get Squizzy on a bike? Mikey already rides dirt...
  3. I keep trying to get a pic up working but it doesn't like me lol
  4. Thats not a pony.....

    This is a pony!

    Seriously though nice bike mate. Love the glowing wheel tape. Is that, that photo luminescent wheel tape that glows?
  5. I hope you can see the pics now mate.... Im pretty chuffed I only gave 1 bloke the bird for changin lanes on me....

    Sounds good man, if ya come up after March would be prefferable then the bub would've entered this world :)

    Squizzy on a bike... well he was a bmx legend.... so he says anyway haha after he gets married anything is possible.... yeh Mikeys a scrambler but im sure we could convert him