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my new phone went for a swim. (warning - toilet humour)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. so my day went like this -

    worked bloody hard, pulled a 14 hour day in lovely Kangaroo Valley.
    upon returning to the motel (archer resort) i felt the need to go to the <ahem> bathroom.

    in my haste, i darted in to my rooms cubicle, firmly applied the foot brakes and half crook'd my back in order to achieve a speedy seating position.
    with such a speedy decceleration my BRAND NEW phone slipped from my silky breast pocket and ended up 3/4 way up the s-bend :shock:

    so my Q is, how many people have had a phone go for a swim, and how have said phones recovered?

    i already replaced mine, telstra shop love me, but just curious because if they can live to see another day i will offload it to a friend :)

    edit - c'mon, keep it constructive :p
  2. Water damage with phones usually means the end.

    it fcuks them nicely, the bloke from my phone fixing shop was telling me about all the itty bitty parts that shit themselves when water gets to them, it's just not worth fixing, almost every electronic part in there gets buggered.
  3. I dropped my phone in the toilet.

    It recovered very well... After the condesation cleared up from the screen, that ws last Summer, it still works perfectly fine.

    However, it is a Sony Ericsson... Which is a FAR better brand than Nokia ;)
  4. Mine decided that it didn't want to charge any more after I spilt water all over it (and everything else on my dresser) after thinking placing a glass of water next to my bed would be a good idea when I was totally wasted. Well, it was, I was just too drunk to be able to hold it.
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    My boss did that... we all had a good laugh at her expense. Her phone was rooted after that.

    The worst I ever did was spill Mango and Banana Nectar stuff all over my old Nokia... never missed a beat after it though!
  6. I can't believe you didn't use this emoticon!
    I had a phone go for a swim in Sydney harbour once, it was great actually, it was a crap phone (Nokia 1610) and the phone that replaced it served me well for many, many years.
    Occupational hazard of working in marine industry. I've seen heaps of people try and save phones, never works.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. You're gonna sell a shitwatery phone to a FRIEND?

    Remind me not to be too nice to you.
  8. no, not SELL....GIVE

    he's a brown-noser anyway :LOL:
  9. I had a mate who dropped his phone off his boat when he went to reach a rope.
    $250 dollar write off

    On the other hand (if you havent already done so) - get your hand in there in fish it out. Dismantle it and put it out in the sun for a while. Put it back together and see what happens

    Best of luck
  10. HAhahahahahah ROFPMSL

    I did almost the same thing to my new mobile,Was painting a clients house and doing the toilet leant over and "PLOP" in went a 1 day old phone.

    I pulled it apart, dried it out and left it in the sun for 2 days but alas it was never to work again,so off I went to the shop where i got it from and told them it aint working for some unknown reason.They said no worries heres a new replacement,to which I made a fairly hasty departure from said shop.

    Its never in my top pocket anymore when I am working.
  11. I had a samsung flip phone that went through almost a full cycle in the washing machine. :roll:
    I left it to dry for about 3 or 4 weeks before it started working again, but after that it was all good (it's still going now).
  12. my cousin pushed me in the pool when i had my phone on me.. it died :(
  13. I dropped a Nokia CDMA something phone in the crapper. Yanked it out quick and ripped the battery off. Dried it out in front of an air con (dry air) and it worked again and do so for about 18months before finally dying.

    Just be aware that a lot of new mobiles have moisture sensitive dye strips either on the battery or frame that run when exposed to moisture so they don't have to swap phone which have been wet. If it's on the battery either get a new one or swap with a mate for the claim.