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My new phone (ramblings of a geriatric airman)...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by incitatus, May 10, 2007.

  1. Ok, day two, and I'm loving it. Let me tell you a story.....

    Long ago when young Incitatus's wings were still wet and shiny, he had to file flight plans. He did this by buying a printed pad of forms, and clutching this pad, he would go to the dispatchers office where he would (1) check the METAR (weather stuff), (2) read the NOTAMS (Notices To Airmen), (3) sit down and fill out one of his forms, (4) take the form to ATC and lodge the Flight Plan.

    A few years later, somebody invented the fax machine, and while (1) to (3) were still required, (4) could be replaced by faxing in that little form to ATC, (even if ATC was right next door to the Dispatchers office.)

    Still later, a nerd called Bill invented the personal pooter, and 20 years later (when the Gummint caught up), they created something called 'NAIPS' which meant that (the by now old and wrinkly), Incitatus could do all steps (1) to (4) from one of these pooters. A distinct improvement if you happened to be near one, and utterly useless if you weren't, (and in about 75% of cases you weren't.)

    Well, today Incitatus did all the steps (1) to (4) with his new toy while sitting on the dunny.....ain't technology wonderfuel... Very Happy

  2. Ain't technology grand???

  3. TMI :rofl:
  4. Ahhhh, havent Telling bones come a long way since Catweazle was a boy.
  5. Inc you are a classic, get the voice recognition going and you could do it standing up!
  6. So let me get this straight... you can fill in paperwork to get through red-tape that you've hated doing for years, while snapping off a grogan - AND take a photo of it in the bowl and attach it to official documentation???

    God I love living in this century.
  7. That's just shithouse :grin:
  8. You need to file a flight plan before you do your business in the dunny?!?
  9. Bombs away, sorry :oops:
  10. That was a seriously crappy comment... :roll:

    I think this thread has just gone down the toilet! :LOL:
  11. . . . . . no references to the "cockpit" ?

  12. I was going to mention stalls but I thought that would really be getting to the bottom... :LOL: