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My New Old Phone

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ResmeN, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. I keep up with technology but after a while find myself reverting to retro old school stuff. Was actually after a 8110 but this came along. It's brand new. Bought it off the net from the UK, put my Australian VF sim in and worked instantly. Got the IT guy to dig up a suitable Ericsson charger. Smartphones are overrated. Bring back simple elegant looking phones whose main feature is to make/receive calls instead a million and 1 other things. Love the auto answer feature when the flip opens.

  2. But if people didn't keep wanting new useless features on their phone they would have been able to refine the technology to the point that a new phone would cost less than $20 and last at least a fortnight before needing to be recharged.

    Where's the profit in that? ;)
  3. thats awesome... i have a 20 buck postoffice phone myself.. i had a 1 phone and a n97 they both spent more time in the shop getting fixed then in my pocket... best 20 bucks i have ever spent...
  4. From the UK ay?
    I have been after a good ol' brick phone that lasts a few knocks and drops.. Shall investigate UK eBay sellers!
    I'm so sick of my touchscreen phone freezing whilst I'm getting an incoming call, and therefore not being able to answer the phone as it's ringing...
  5. jd & kingy couldn't agree more. Fortnight standby time that's what I'm talking about.

    devo not ebay, direct from a site (retrobrick). If you want brick these guys actually have those old school brick phones. With brick I mean brick those old Motorolas weighing 1/2 to 1kg. Had the same touch screen freezing issues and had it. Smart phones are too fragile. Next up will invest in one of those small Apple iPods and bobs my unkil.
  6. Yeah my Nokia 2600 classic may not have the features of an iFad, but at least I don't have to remember to plug it into a charger every night. :)

    Now I'm just waiting for those $30 Indian laptops to come out.
  7. bought my mum a mble phone recently.

    it has that stupid FakeBook integrated into it.

    no escape from this crap.](*,)

    FU FB!

  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Bah, troglodytes. Bring on more and more features! My new phone can tell me the ambient temperature and I've downloaded an ap that helps me tune my guitar!
  11. The T28s is a great phone. I remember having one of those and loved it.
  12. If it was only the touchscreen I could live but if you drop these smart phones the whole screen shatters, if you expose them to the slightest of rain while in your pocket riding it stops working not to mention all the costs in getting it fixed and running again. These old phones can sure last a few knocks and drops as we've all experienced in the past.
    The iFad is exactly that a Fad. Tries to do too many things and doesn't master any of them. Smart phones have shocking battery life. I want a phone that fits my lifestyle not the other way around by me bending over backwards making sure things charged, looked after like a fragile diamond.
    $30 lappy you say, well let us know when they eventuate as that's a bargain.
    Likewise, now my next mission is to source a decent atari, nes and master system.
    I remember as a kid there was a gaming console where the games were on cassettes (same as music cassettes). Now that was technology and revolutionary as it still bedazzles me thinking about it now.
  13. Exxxxxcellent... Thanks.
  14. Just a word of caution email them first to check whether they have the exact model you are after as don't pay right away like I did only to find out they didn't have the particular model I was chasing.

    Some people may find this interesting
  15. You want to find yourself an old Sinclair ZX-81. Rather than buying games you typed them in yourself, then saved them to any tape player. Was quite amazing what it could do with just 1kb of memory.

    Ironic part is the processor they used is now a common part of a lot of modern electronics and is quite likely hiding away somewhere inside most modern game systems (and is now only worth about $5).
  16. a lot of lawyers have the old ericsons, as they don't have a camera.

    @JD last time I checked, the keno, and tab terminals were powered by AMIGA/C64, might of changed now, but that was about 5 years ago.
  17. Thera, by game systems I was thinking more along the lines of the current PS3/Xbox/Wii/etc. Pretty sure if you stripped those down you'd find a Z80 IC hiding in them somewhere (and if not there's bound to be one in the TV you plug them in to).
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    I know this one place you can get $30 lappys.

    The girls are B grade at best though.

  19. I've still got a few Atari ST computers and monitors. Plus some commercial software that was never used. I upgraded the STe to 4 megabytes of RAM.

    Also still have the Atari Jaguar 64 Bit game console.