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My New Old Bike

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by oz_mick, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Pic of my 86 XV 750 Virago on my first long ride Ipswich to the Gold Coast, absolutely love riding it.

  2. '86 model, you say????

    It looks brand new :shock:!!!!
  3. It was imported from Japan buy a guy who bought it for his brother from New Zealand so they could tour Australia. Sadly the brother had a stroke so could not ride it, so it was up for sale.

    I paid $4750 for it, it had 29 k on the clock now its got 31 K :)

    I love it, will never sell it, will be buried with it.

  4. Nice, some old ones are kept in pretty good nick, mine's an 89, not quite as nice as yours though.
  5. south_oz

    Would love to see a picture of the old girl if you have one

  6. Check the garage, that is, check the link that says "1989 Yamaha XV250" under my user name to the left over there

    actually , check here instead

  7. Hey south I went and looked nice bike left a comment in the thread,,, same bike as what my neighbour has which must be good because its a virago not that I am biased or anything LOL

    Grrr tonight is raining so no ride coz I dont want to spend hours polishing the chrome and drying out my dri rider pants LOL,,, thats the excuse but really I would prefer to get more riding experience before venturing out in the rain with the four wheeled kelvinators...

    Grrr forecast is for rain tomorrow too

    So maybe a short ride saturday on the road bike, and all day trail bike ride with my kids.