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My new object of scorn

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Move over cyclists you have now been made redundant

    So I wake up with a pain today in my teeth - somehow I did some damage to a tooth -- meaning some filling has to be done

    I ring my dentist who I have been seeing for 20 years

    the receptionist says I can book you in 3 months from now WTF ???????????

    ring around town -- same answer from everywhere I call

    blow this - I would rather take 2 weeks off fly to thailand have a a holiday and get a hollywood smile done for 2grand and fix the pain then wait 3 months here

    and just think - so many overseas trained Dentists would like to live and practice here -- but the medical professions are a closed shop so we have to wait -- think having private insurance helps -- nope I do and still have to wait

    seems teeth are different everywhere else but Australia hence only Aussie trained dentists can practice here

    I recall a friend saying he had a white filling done in mexico 15 years before that technology came to Australia

    yeah go ahead and say it --- the overseas ones are not as well trained as here -- I say hairy bollocks swinging in the breeze at you, to those comments
  2. Couple of years ago I went to Japan for a two week skiing trip. Looking at the map of the local town, I noticed that a dentist was on a lot of the corners, like pubs here used to be.
    So not speaking Japanese, and he not speaking English, with a lot of hand signs and smiling, I got a new set of dentures made up in the two weeks, which I am still wearing today. $753-00 AUD, The quality is excellent. Have a holiday and get your teeth fixed at the same time, The savings pay for your airfare.
    You could possibly book an appointment on the internet before you go.
    Push bikes are a foot wide, If you cant ride past them with out interfering with them, there is something wrong with your riding habits,
  3. +1, they are narrow. If there 2 in the same lane, for sure go between them ;)
  4. I ring my dentist, they give me an appointment in the same week, often the next day or two.
  5. Dentists are bloody overpaid parasites feeding off the pain you have in ya gob.

    No bloody wonder mine has pics of skiing holidays from Europe on his walls while I look out the window at that top of the line Audi 4X4 and the latest Bemmer out the back (his of course!)
  6. Did you make it clear to the receptionist that this was a damaged tooth? Most dentists have an emergency slot.

    Where are you based? My old dentist in Sydney will probably see you fairly quickly - I'm still looking for a good dentist in Melbourne, if anyone has any suggestions.
  7. Blackburn North Dental.
    Been seeing them for 8 years. Fantastic service.
  8. Public hospital Dentist will do emergency work pretty quickly if not straight away.

    Good idea on getting elective work done while overseas too. There's perfectly fine private hospitals/dentists etc around Asia that can match and even surpass Australia for quality, with a considerable discount. There are holiday packages tailored around such things with resort style hospitals.

    Although there is an ethical dilemma should problems arise as a result of any such operations. You could end up using up public resources, thus the tax payer is covering your warranty work. Of course if you have private cover then I guess that's fine but would they pay if they knew?
  9. I wonderif my insurance covers "emergency " dental overseas - or if travel insurance does
  10. mate, as a first year dentistry student and someone who has worked with dentists before, i can tell you not all of them are like this.

    i spent last year working with some of the most caring and professional people i have ever known. the kind that would call you up after hours to see how your crown or root canal was going.
    having said that, i can understand what you're trying to say. i've also seen dentists who work with little care or skill, and as a result, their patients just end up leaving.

    motolegion, where abouts are you located? if you're in Canberra i may be able to offer a recommendation, otherwise just ask friends/family - if people have had positive experiences, they'll say so.

    anyways, hope that helped.
  11. This thread is a little less exciting than I had hoped: I read it as "my new object of p0rn" :(