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My new Ninja!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by spectre8491, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just thought I'd share a pic of my new baby, 2012 Ninja 650L.

    Finally got QRide out of the way last weekend, and decided to go pick her up on Monday afternoon. Took her out for a spin this morning, and all I can say is wow. Ridden a few other bikes and must say this is a completely different ride altogether, insanely happy with this bike.

    At the moment she's all stock, although I do have a Yoshi pipe which I'll whack on later down the track, and also have Oggy knobs coming so I don't cry too much if I drop her.

    Looking forward to getting out and riding as much as possible to consolidate my skills, might even see about getting over to some of the Brisbane group rides when they happen.

    Anyway that's it from me, happy riding to you all!!

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  2. Nice looking bike man, perfect for getting you through restrictions.

  3. Great looking bike mate. I'm ordering one in the same colour once my loan gets approved.
  4. good ride mate, i got the 2011 version, and it is great!
  5. Nice Bike, I have the 2011 and all of a sudden mine looks old compared to yours.
    Enjoy the ride it.
  6. Don't worry Aussieak..there's a beemer with your name on it.
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  7. That is NICE!!!
  8. That looks really nice especially if you can get a seat cowl for it
  9. Very nice bike. Have fun!
  10. Nice man.

    I have always liked these ever since they were released. Have fun riding and stay safe.


  11. Picking mine up (hopefully) Saturday. I went black though as you just can't have a green Ninja without being compared to a certain group of turtles.....:)

    Nice looking bike though....

    Cheers Spocky