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My new Ninja 250r + MadBiker opinion

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by HunkyDory, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys!


    Picked up my new baby (Samantha) on Friday! :D


    She's mostly stock apart from the tinted windscreen, screamin' demon exhaust, rear seat cowel and tail tidy. Keeping in mind I also recevied all the original parts that he had replaced. I don't mind stating that I picked it up at a bargain price of $4,000 having done just over 7,200k's with an included 8 months rego.


    RWC wasn't included, however, Brett down at MadBiker Ferntree Gully treated my bike with the upmost respect in doing a fantastic and thorough job with the RWC. Apparently I had a leaking fork seal but that was taken care of in under a few hours and she was ready to go!


    Let me know your opinion on the bike?
    Thanks, Adam. :)
  2. Brett is a very sexy man.
    but he's also a top mechanic.
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  3. That's a great deal mate. How much was the fork seal?
  4. From what I read on the form, he just cleaned it up and it seemed to be fine after that. I believe RWC was $99 and that extra half hour of labour for cleaning it + flipping the turning indicators (because the drains were on the top :applause:) + attaching the fender eliminator extension flap was something like $50-ish? I remember paying $180-something for it all, where the fender flap was like $30 and an L plate for a few dollars.

    I'm only assuming; He charged for the fork seal to be cleaned up as it's not part of a roadworthy check, per se.

    Thanks for the responses guys. :)
  5. That looks awesome! And you got it at an awesome price too :)
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  6. Good looking first bike and yes...... Brett really does treat the bike as if it is his own.
  7. Hey Hunky Dory that is a fine female, you better put a ring on it mate:LOL:. Awesome bike mate mine arrives tomorrow i'm hoping.
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  8. Great Bike and +1 for Brett!
  9. I am a cruiser man but that doesn't mean I can't perve at a sports bike every now and then, admire it's curves and give it the thumbs up :)
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  10. Very nice indeed.

    Are we going to see this girl down at Saturday practice soon?
  11. That looks bluddy nice mate..........very aggressive looking machine, enjoy ;)
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  12. Sounds good mate. Hit me up if you want to go for a ride sometime. I have a mate who lives off the Esplanade in Narre South who rides a lime green Kwaka, who'd also come along. ^^

    Haha, cheeky! :D Thanks mate!

    Hell to the yes! Weather-premitting, I'll be down there this Satuday! :)
  13. Have you seen the new ninja now? :S IMHO I like this one better. Congrats!
  14. wow what kind of bike is that i have never seen one of them before? tell me more
  15. Thanks mate! :D

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of the look of the 2013 Ninja. :(

    Shit troll is shit, troll elsewhere please.
  16. no, post elsewhere. im trolling here.
  17. Immature douche.
  18. Lol, he bike fall over
  19. Nice bike im a cruiser fan (current ride EL 250 Eliminator) but i can still admire those less fortunate :) to not have one. As for mad biker i had my bike checked out by brett in February and he was excellent. Will be going back come first service time.
  20. Nice first bike.

    I like how the screen and rear seat cowl makes it look