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My new naked

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by goff, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Can't wait my brand new Suzuki GS 500 comes home tommorow.
    Never have owned a brand new bike one more sleep to go,la,la, waiting,more waiting la, la.:tantrum: Pic_0213_236. Pic_0213_237.

  2. Collected the bike yesterday a very nice smooth bike to ride, I have been riding some very old bikes for a while, and now I know what an upgrade feels like. Would have been good to know that you must disengage the clutch to start the bike I looked like a fool when I walked back into the shop saying something is wrong with the start button. So the parts manager started the bike with a smile pat me on the back and off I went feeling like a fool. :banghead: More pictures if your interested

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  3. Congrats on the new bike
  4. Not knowing how to start it is nowhere near as bad as crashing it in the dealer's car park!

    Congrats, and enjoy :)
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  5. Thanks BigDan and hornet I don't feel like a fool after watching that video
  6. Took me a while to start a bike with the kill switch on one time... Felt pretty silly.
  7. That is the best looking bike I have ever seen !!!
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  8. Congrats. Enjoy the ride. Lovely bike to ride. Once you're over the "ride in" period don't be afraid to rev it up. The engine loves to be revved and rides so smooth over 6k.
    Ride safe.
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  9. Thanks to all just came back from another ride 150 km completed. It's a really smooth bike to ride I am so AAPY as valantino would say can't wait to do more !
    I don't feel like a fool anymore. :dance2:
  10. Had one as a loaner (older model though) last year & really enjoyed riding it.

    Congrats mate!