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My new Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Nitrox72, May 18, 2015.

  1. I've had my 2014 BMW F800GT for just over six months and love it. So you can imagine the response I got from my wife when I told her I've fallen in love with another bike although I'm not ready to give up the BMW - I need two bikes. People in this forum would get it - no one bike can do everything so of course we need multiple bikes right?

    Anyway I don't know how I did it but she relented, so on Friday I picked up my new Guzzi! Summary of my review after only a few days - I'm seriously considering selling the BMW as I can't imagine a scenario when I'd choose not to ride the big Cali!

    I've always been torn by a bunch of categories - I like to go up or down the coast putting a leisurely couple of hundred kms on weekends, like the option to go a little further with wife on the back for a night away, like to be able to cruise around locally, occasionally ride 5kms in peak hour Sydney traffic into work and sometimes I just want to be on my own thrashing through the Royal National Park pushing the bike through corners. That's why I always assumed it's a multiple bike problem but I gotta say I'm pretty taken by the Cali Custom. Why?

    • Power - 1400cc from a detuned race bred Aprilia engine. Torque is amazing - true "power cruiser". The transverse V-twin engine's cylinder heads are right by your knees and when you rev the bike at idle it pulls violently to the right letting you know it's there (which I love!). Once you get rolling the amazing mounting of the engine kicks in and all vibration completely disappears providing a smooth as silk ride.
    • Flexibility - Ride by wire with three riding modes (Sport, Touring and Rain) is seriously like riding three separate bikes. Sport mode is major grin material, Touring perfect for smooth in and out of corners, haven't found the need for rain yet :)
    • Comfort - Big fat saddle and relaxed riding position with straight bars at perfect height and length for my size for all day riding. Must admit I've ordered an Airhawk for the missus after this weekend - the Custom doesn't have the quite the comfort of the seat on the Touring (there is the option of buying a Touring seat but I don't want to spoil those lines at the rear end!)
    • Technology - I love the classic styling of the bike but don't want to skimp on modern technology. The bike has traction control (three levels), ABS, cruise control.
    • Style - For me this is pants down the sexiest damned bike I've seen in a long time. It's never alone for long at the Old Road Cafe as people seem to want to check it out. I guess I like the fact you don't see a lot of them as well.
    I ordered the bike with Agostini performance pipes which will be fitted at my 1,000km service and I can't wait to hear what this thing sounds like unleashed. Happy customer for sure!
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  2. I wish you very much joy of your new Guzzi.

    Abso-bloody-lutely! :)


    I reckon that, so long as you have a BMW tucked away someplace, you can then have Italian bikes, knowing that if you REALLY need to go some place NOW, there is a Germanic backup. ;-)
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  3. Race bred engine?

    I do like it though.
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  4. It is a nice looking bike. And not too high in the saddle either.

    And I should add, congrats on your awesome new ride!
  5. That's a fairly blazing review Nitrox 72.

    Puts paid to a very sound principle, at least for road bikes - the gulf between road bikes and trail bikes is just a bit large. That is - the best bike, is the bike that does what you do most often, superbly. One Bike. Make sure it is the right one.

    Sounds like you've found it. Enjoy.
  6. Sounds great but no pics!!
  7. Here's one: wp_20150517_09_11_40_pro-3-.35061.

    Very nice Nitrox, ideal for rounding up those horse floats on the Putty :sneaky: Enjoy your new ride.........(y)
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  8. And next to one of my fav cars too...
  9. Congrats...

    Nice bike. You better take the wifey on a nice holiday now..

  10. I've got an 05 Breva so I hear what your saying when you give it a rev, even more fun when just as you tip it into a spirited left hander and drop it down a gear. When you decide to do your own maintenance they're a breeze, I'm not sure about 4v heads but the 2v I've got doing the valves down to 30mins. Everything is just so simple.
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