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My new Monster

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Yellow Meanie, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, just thought I'd show off my new beast!

    I bought her in Brisbane about a week ago and have since ridden back down the coast to Tassie.

    Plans are: Slip-ons
    New handlebars (more aggressive position)
    Heated grips
    Billet clutch cover

  2. Bugger, need 5 posts :wink:
  3. Nice Duke.

    Gotta say, that last photo is pretty artistic too.

    How was the ride down the coast? Did you cop the rain in Sydney over the weekend?
  4. =P~ Nice Nice mmmmmmmmmmhahahahahaha Very Nice =P~

    'Ride her fast hard and naked'
  5. A triple post just to post pics.

    I applaud your commitment!

    Good photos too, the lighting is very 'bike-shoot' - was that accidental or deliberate?
  6. I left the north side of Brisbane on Tuesday morning and rode to Port Macquarie. Pretty boring highway ride, but that was OK cos I was still getting used to the bike and getting used to the big-arse tank bag in front of me.
    I copped a little rain in Northern NSW that morning too.

    Wednesday was Port Macquarie - Bega. The traffic in Sydney was no-where near as bad as I expected. Although I did get a bit lost trying to find one of those damn tunnels. :roll:
    The road was still pretty boring until I passed Woolongong. The Princes Highway started to get a bit more interesting from around Kiama.
    That night in Bega I made an important observation.
    I found that if I unzipped the top section of my tank bag, the smaller bottom section is just big enough to fit a KFC meal and a couple of Coopers tallies :p

    Thursday's ride from Bega to Lakes Entrance was even better. Great twisty sections through National Park areas and I also made a couple of stops in Eden (beautiful) and another town.

    On Friday the road straightened out again :( for the ride into Melbourne. I caught up with a mate who is a photographer - hence the "arty" images of the bike.

    Saturday night saw me boarding the Spirit of Tasmania for the trip across Bass Strait. The bikes are secured very well using a strap that attaches to the handlebars, it even has a little velcro bit to pull on the front brake. I was very impressed with the sturdiness of the lashings and had no worries about the bike moving at all.

    I disembarked the ship at about 7:00 on Sunday and it was COLD COLD COLD. Lucky it's less than an hour's ride to Launceston. I've been wearing thermals the last couple of days and they seem to do the trick.

    Might head out towards the East Coast today, nice twistys out there...
  7. nice, very very nice, congratulations
  8. Ha ha, those beers must have virtually exploded when you opened them after sitting on a v twin. :LOL:
  9. nice work with the ride down the coast

    how good are those tie downs they use on the ferry?!
    i have a useful memento thanks to spirit of tassie :wink:
  10. Hey Mate,

    Nice bike. Love the yellow, it makes a great change from all the red dukes you see out on the road. Even if red does go faster, haha.

    Love the road down from bega. Only been on it in a car, would love to ride it.

    Congrats on the bike. A monster is on my long term shopping list as well.

  11. Nice bike!

    But I have to ask! Why! Why do you have a 1Ds MIII and put a lens on it like the EF 28-90mm f/4-5.6 USM!
  12. Very nice indeed Meanie. Boring roads or not, that still would have been an awesome ride first up :cool: .
  13. Nice example of an iconic bike.

    It'd be worth your while to have a look at the DML website. This is THE place to go for all manner of monster information and tips.
  14. Great looking bike mate.
  15. nice sierra you got too dude. looks like u got a front locker but the switch says rear?
  16. Front and rear actually :cool:
    I thought you were the same N*A*M from Outers, I'm AKA CairnsZook...
  17. twin lockers = :cool: there are a couple of other outers loonies on NR too

    i bought my f4i from launie and did the ride to devonport the same night to catch the ferry home. it was a magical trip on a new (to me) bike, on beautiful new roads in the dark.
  18. What I do, is like that bike.