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My NEW M109R

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Honda Phantom, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. This is my brand new M109r... Ive just picked her up last week and have already put 600km on her. Ive ordered some mods already:

    ***JSD 3M

    ***Kuryakyn ISO Grips with stiletto caps

  2. I want one!
    You make me jealous!.

    Don't want to, but have to wait.

    Mate, enjoy every minute of it.
  3. At least you can just pop into bob janes if you have tyre problems! :LOL:
  4. That is one very sweet lookin bike. I love the blend of traditional and modern style. I know the finish on those bikes is awesome
  5. :grin: nice... i love the boulevard

    Everytime I see someone riding one, or parked by the side it makes me want one.

    Would make a fantastic cruiser.

    How comfy is it?
  6. Congrats on the new bike :grin: .

    I seen a new one on the weekend and it have really small blinkers ,they looked about the size of a 50c piece and connected to the number plate ,it REALLY made the rear end look even bigger.
  7. hmmm I am still yet to be convinced on the beauty of this bike, but I can understand the attraction. Anyways enjoy :cool: :cool:
  8. Very comfy... Went for a 400km ride through the victorian alpine region with no problems. Its a beautiful bike to ride with HEAPS of grunt.
  9. I like these alot :grin:
  10. I agree with everyone: beautiful bike. They do have an awesome mix of classic and modern style: congratulations big time :grin: I could say something lame like "enjoy" but I can see that you already are :LOL: :LOL:
    Have fun and stay safe :)
  11. Hahaaaa.....well done dude...welcome to the world of the 109. You ordered the JSD unit yet? get on 109riders.com and check out the goodies if ya havent already :grin:
    Make sure thought that your dealer doesnt overfill the oil at service time hey otherwise it gets really messy on the left hand side of the bike.
    Best way to get it right is to measure it just under the required amount.
    I love my 109.....they are an awesome bit of kit!!
  12. Went to local motorcycle shop today to get new oil filter and other bits, and walked past one of these new suzuki m109's. Those bikes are FAT! Wouldnt fit in through my shed door!
  13. I got the JSD3M but haven't installed it yet. Ive also got the Kuryakyn ISO grips with stiletto caps. Ive ordered all that through the M109riders.com's sales site DLP. My username on the m109riders.com forum is "AussieGuy" . Today i just finished de badging her... Wow she is one hot bike!
  14. JSD is easy to install. They say to remove seat and RH side cover but when I did mine I found that I didnt need to if i knew what I was lookin for. Im not doin much else to mine cos im real happy with it justg the way it is for time being.
    my name on 109riders is the same as here, GC33. Mite spot ya round the site.
  15. What an awesome looking piece of machinery.

    Very nice man. I bet you ride with pride. :cool:
  16. I hear a lot about this debadging business. Why did you debadge it?
  17. Its all about the looks ;D
  18. Doesn't it look better with badge???
  19. Depends which badge.
    In the case of Suzuki cruisers, removing the safety decals, Suzuki sticker from the rear, and the ident badge (ie M50, C50 M109 etc) ) makes the bike more subtle, and people aren't sure what it is. Then they judge it on what it looks like, rather than what brand it is.

    Everyone has their own opinion as to what looks good. Most stock bikes appearance can be improved for little money.
  20. Isn't it illegal to remove the safety stickers?

    Also if you remove the sticker that have the VIN number, chassis number etc and when the time comes to do the vehicle roadworthy check at the licensing centre, how will they find/match the number?