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My new little toy! (Gsx-r 1000 K7 Burnt Orange and Black.)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by gixxerk7, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hello Guys and Gals, i thought i'd finally join up since i finally got my new Gsx-r 1000 k7. Yes i know the 1000cc is abit overkill for the streets and the 600cc would have enough power for anyone to use. I chose the 1000cc purely for long distance travelling, me and a few friends plan to travel all the way around the coast of Australia, now i think is a good time to start saving for chains,sprockets,tyres and a few too many oil changes. (y)

    If any of you guys have done the trip on a sportbike let me know how it all went! Cheers. :beer:

    Modifications so far:

    Jardine GP 1 exhaust
    K & N air performance filter
    PC 3
    Tinted double bubble screen
    Carbon fibre dash
    Carbon fibre bar ends
    Fender eliminator
    Aftermarket seat

    Enjoy the pics guys, because this is my pride and joy! :biker:



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  2. Hi GixxerK7,
    I was doing a search for Jardine GP-1 exhaust and came across your post. Whats the exhaust like. How loud is it ive taken the stock pipes of my K9 to see what it could potentially sound like before i make the purchase.

    How long have you had the pipes on. Have been told i dont need a PC, does your bike run one??

    Look forward to your repsonse, cheers
  3. Love the red and black
    When are you doing the trip?
    How much time have you allowed to complete it?
  4. Like the colour scheme, looks ready to rumble.
  5. :watching:
  6. K7 + jardines = awesome. Just be prepared to go deaf in your right ear lol
  7. interested to know how the trip will go. Bought a litre bike for that reason too. I reckon the 1000 is probably better for the streets. Lots more torque, lots more usable power. Good choice, she looks fab.
  8. Daaaamn. Love the colour. Especially love those pipes.
  9. Colour scheme is spot on mate
  10. beautiful looking bike! colour scheme is mint! those exhaust pipes are sexy! Im not usually a GSX-r Fan. but this could potentially sway me ;)