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My new little baby

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Melbgirl, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Happy anniversary me .. it's been one week since I got my L's and took out my new little baby on the road.

    Washed her for the first time on the weekend (friends have got bets on how long that little novelty will last) but I am just so pleased with the bike.

    I'm feeling more confident every day (I ride it every day) and the only thing that makes me REALLY nervous is U-turns .. but the rest of the stuff is cautious nervousness. I'm looking forward to Sunday (hopefully it won't be raining) and I'm going to find an empty car park and practice my u-turns.

    I generally get into work between 7:00 and 7:30 and finding that the first 20 mins is reading this forum and reading people's tips, tricks and comments on their riding skills etc!!! I'm expecting my workplace to block the website any day now!! :shock: :grin:

  2. Sweet, the Suzi Twin is real 'grown-up' looking bike for a new rider.

    As for blocking Netrider at work, why that's, that's UN-Australian :LOL:.
  3. Nice bike Melbgirl, wish I could've got one like that when I was on my Ls. Enjoy!
  4. That's cool Melbgirl!! :grin:
  5. Nice bike! :grin:

    Hint on slow speed stuff and u turns, slow turns, use the rear brake.
  6. awww gorgeous bike!!
    but then I am a suzuki girl (ok not one of THOSE Suzuki girls)

    same as campag said
    rear brake is your friend for slow turns

  7. I was looking at that picture and thinking, what the hell is that?!

    It looks different somehow.

    Great looking bike, you'll have plenty of fun.


    Welcome to the GS500 owners club.
  8. Looks just like mine :grin:

    I wish it had some more storage space :mad:
  9. I preferred this colour to the blue/white one ... but apparently so did half of Melbourne!!! :grin:

    Storage space would be awesome .... and I'm trying to avoid putting a gear sack rack on the back. Would be very handy but I don't want to ruin the look of it!!!
  10. I have a back pack and a bag that octopus straps to the under pillion seat bars. I don't like stuff on my back and the seat bag looks like the straps might rub the paint, so I am in a bind.

    How do you find the bike moving it around with it turned off? Any hold your breath moments?
  11. Congrats !! Very nice :)
  12. Then buy yourself a tail-pack...they're awesome, and mine goes everywhere with me.
  13. The backpack is OK. My hairdryer was the heaviest thing in it so now I leave that at work :grin:

    The bike seems relatively easy to push around. Have only had one 'oh crap' moment but that was when I went to stop at an intersection. Virtually stopped and went to put my foot down .. my jeans got caught on the peg and over she went!!! Fortunately because it isn't overly heavy I was able to pull it up before she hit the ground!!

    I noticed that after that, the cars behind me stayed well away, lol
  14. I had one this morning. Stiff leathers plus said tail bag and I seemed to have knocked the bike as I got on. I subconsciously thought that was it- it was going over -but somehow I resurrected it. Must be just me :oops:

    Can't wait till it is broken in, 5500rpm seems to come up and pass all too soon!

    Raven, do you find the tail bag occies rub on the paint?

  15. Mine's one of these: http://www.ventura-bike.com/products.aspx?code=Estoril+(Expandable) (copy + paste URL, doesn't wanna work). Absolutely love it, really well made and it packs a surprising amount of stuff.

    With that fully expanded + an Oxford tank bag I can carry a week's shopping on the bike :)
  16. Nice lookin bike, I was thinking of getting one myself and am on the lookout for one. How much did you pay for it and what are the specs, if you dont mind me asking.
  17. Got her from Peter Stevens for about $7,500 (on road). There are only 2 colours.... the black/silver and a blue/white. The blue/white looks nice as well, but I don't think as nice as the black one.

    As for specs ..... ummmm ... I'll play the 'dumb girl' on this one and let somebody else answer ... or check out the Suzuki website I guess and they should have all the blokey answers you require :grin:
  18. oh .. and to my fellow female riders, I mean absolutely no disrespect saying 'dumb girl'... I'm just not overly mechanical.

    I probably should have worded better and say 'play dumb'.

    No offence meant. :)
  19. Hey bike looks great.

    I've been tyre kicking for a while, deciding which bike.

    The gs500 is my first choice but a little more than I want to spend.

    Found an old gsx550 at a local bike shop, rebuilt from a wreck and with 550k on the clock. Similar feel to the gs and starts alright but I'm not sure about a bike that's done so many k's.

    Otherwise it'll probably be a cb250, learn on it for a year then sell it on.

    Seat and tank bags are a great idea, never liked backpacks when I was riding pushbikes so won't wear one again.
  20. Nice bike, bulletproof machines they are - go alright past 7k too!

    I put a tailbag on mine, can store a helmet in it!