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My New Lid

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by minglis, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. So, I got a new Helmet on Friday! :dance:

    As it turns out, I'm the first customer to have this new design. I'm sure I won't be the last tho, as it's such a sweet helmet.

    Things I like:
    - It's so FREAKEN LIGHT.
    - I LOVE the design. I think this helmet looks amazing. Love the Carbon showing and the Southern Cross.
    - The shape seems to allow me to turn my head more. With the Shoei, I would hit my shoulder and couldn't turn any further.
    - There is plenty of room around the ears and temple area, so now my speakers from by Interphone system no longer push on my ears. This was giving me headaches.
    - Sound seems a bit cleaner. With the Shoei, when I put it on, most sound becomes muted/muffled. Makes it quiet, but does affect sound. With the RHOK, sounds seem to come to me unimpeded.
    - Did I mention how LIGHT it is?

    Things that aren't QUITE as good:
    - Sound comes in here too. It is a little noisier than the Shoei, but not by a lot. As said before, this has some benefits too. With the extra room around the ears, it allows for air to flow around there. Also, when I turn my head, the wind does create a louder sound (sounds a bit like listening to a sea shell).

    Having said that about the noise, it is a small thing compared to the benefits. I've had lots of people telling me lately that I should wear ear plugs when riding anyway.

    BitSar did mention to me the other day about some soft covers he got for his speakers which helped him a lot. I may look at getting these too. Might fill up some of the space and help with the noise issue (not that it's much of an issue as already stated).

    I'll write up a proper review once I get the chance to take it on a nice long ride. I'm having major issues with my right shoulder atm, so, I need to limit my long rides for the time being. I have a longer ride to Rawson coming up next weekend.
  2. welcome to the Rhok gang hehe... :D
    And you'll love it on a long ride, it's awesome to have such a light thing on your head while you ride.
  3. (y)

    Nice one, Matt. Cool looking helmet. Go TAKAMII!!
  4. Nice going, Matt.
    The RHOK is starting to represent ;)
    Great looking lid.
  5. Really looking at one of these as a proper riding helmet and only using my shoei tzr for commuting, its a bit scuffed and scratched now...

    +1 on earplugs. Got a molded set made at the GP on saturday, the previous weekend I did 860Km with regular earplugs and while its much better than none at all, these ones from earmold are brilliant.
  6. I've been considering these. Are they pricey?
  7. Made a review thread after that post, they were 70 bucks. Not very cheap, but we'll see how long they last, might work out to be a very modest price. They're more convenient than disposable ones IMO.
  8. How much was this helmet?
    I would like the lightest one I can get..
  9. Great looking lid. F*ckin' love the Takamii helmets, and that's an awesome design. I reckon you're right that you won't be the last with this one.

    Very interested to hear what you think after some more time.

    What model Shoei did you have before you went RHOK??
  10. cost under $600
    I've got the same Helment maybe #2
    daily wear they are great light and comfy
    noisey with all the vents open, but really what helment isnt
    had a shark berfore (well maybe 5) the rhox is quiet compared
    great for fitting ear pieces such as head phones etc as there room for your ears
    if you want to know more send me a pm with what you want too know
    happy to give feedback on a great helment
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  11. I thing my shoe was a TR-Z or something like that. Haven't been able to take it for a long ride yet. But have been using it everyday to commute.
  12. Can you guys comment on two things:
    * venting and how effective it is or isn't
    * different visor positions, or can you crack it just a tad

    Want to replace my shark rsi, which has crap ventilation, and the visors lowest open point is just a bit too open.
  13. go look for yourself at

    Tyres 4 Bikes
    14 Gore Street, ALBION BRISBANE
    Ph: (07) 32624197
  14. I agree that checking it out is the best option. I will say that I often have my visor cracked just a little bit. The ROHK seems to have a nice gap. It's quite small. I found with the shoei that the lowest setting was quite high also. Not too sure about the vents, as I haven't been for a long ride in the heat. From the riding I have been doing, they seem pretty good to me.
  15. 7

    I appreciate that, but looking at a helmet is different from riding and trying it out. Hence people with real experience is good
  16. was down at phillip island today
    had front vents open good air flow, cool, wet and sunny day. The visor still stayed mostly unfoggeg
    with all vents open good air flow but can get noisey, depends on how you turn your head. Overall quieter and more air flow than any shark I've had (5 so far)
    Takamii should be getting a call from a couple of guy at the track day today, they really liked the lid :)
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  17. is the helmet still noisy for you ?

    have developed removable padding in the ear section now for all helmets -- will send you a set when they are ready if you want as a retro fit
  18. that would be brilliant. It's a little bit noisy, but, not massively problematic. The thing is, it being a little noisy is actually one of the reasons why I get good sound feedback. The Shoei would muffle sound as soon as it went on. This one is a cleaner sound.
  19. there is no cost to owners of the helmets

    consider it goodwill retro fit
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  20. OK, so, I got my ear pads from Takamii (thanks again mate).

    Here is how one of them looks:

    One of the things about the helmet is that there is plenty of room around the ears. This is EXCELLENT, and something I really love. I have a bluetooth headset, and I have speakers in that space:

    This caused me issues with my Shoeii, as the speakers pressed on my ears. That caused headaches etc. I don't have that issue with my RHOK. It's an excellent fit/shape etc.

    With the ear pad in, the extra space is padded, which makes the helmet quieter, without putting pressure on my ears. In fact, it's an even nicer fit for me.

    I guess the only thing is that with the padding over the speakers, it does reduce the volume of the headset, however, at this stage that hasn't been an issue. I haven't had a time yet when I needed to use the headset since I put them in. I will keep an eye on that and report back.

    Once again, I want to thank Takamii for exceptional customer service, and for excellent equipment. I really love my helmet.