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My new labrum piercing...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by kols_kebabs, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. I'm so excited, so I thought I'd post these random pics for strangers to judge :p What do you reckon? Hot or what :cool:



    It's 11 hours old in photos, feeling rather sore and swollen- note my awkward /lopsided smile, resulting from the pain of moving my lips in any way. Also note the framed rossi pic over my shoulder.

    I really should be saving some cash. I'm planning to go philip island GP in September, but I'll struggle to pay for rego/tickets/food/accomodation now.

    Anyway, its all good- well worth the money. Was pretty cheap actually.

    On a related note, does anyone know if/when philip island tickets usually sell out? I'll need to pay as late as possible...
  2. Sell out? No such thing. The place is huge, GA tickets stop selling at 4pm on Sunday ;)

    Accomodation, well, thats another story
  3. just grow your fringe dude.
    get some black hair color,
    stay out of the sun for a while,

    Your almost there for that genuine Emo look !
  4. I must be emo...

    I am wearing my grandads 20 y/o shirt in the photo, so I've got the genuine poor ass clothes look. I don't think I can get any more pale, and I've got a natural anorexic thinness. I did write in a livejournal for a while, and I love old school nintendo. I wear glasses, but sadly they're not black and thick-rimmed.

    I'm working on the hair, patience...

    I did dye it a few weeks ago, but it was pink instead of black. Which confused some people. They just don't get me you know? Sometimes I think nobody understands me :cry:

    :p :LOL:

    Shame all emo music sucks :music:
  5. I hate mouth peircings :(
    so naturally I dont really like it...
    but whatever makes you happy baby ;)
  6. every time i see lip piercings i want to smack the ofender in the mouth realy hard but whatever floats your boat.

    Funny but the only piercings i realy dont like the look of are lip and eyebrow, i dont like tounge ones because of all the potential probs but they dont worry me, and the prince albert makes me squirm at the thought of getting it OUCH.
  7. I think its looks a bit gay too - sorry :)

    Why did you get it? I have heaps of old ear piercing from back in the day, and now have these holes in my ears that look silly - will you have the same thing when you are older? Will liquid leak out?

    For some reason i do like belly button piercings on hot girls though :)
  8. Well I just learnt what a "labrum" is.

  9. LOL @ kols !

    yeah, now I know what the labrum is also. ;)
    I got mixed up with the other body part that starts with L and has the same number of letters, but often described with a word still starting with L but has five letters . . . . and . . . . also tends to get pierced ! :shock:
  10. Labium (pl. labia) is a Latin-derived term meaning "Lip".

    It looks symmmetrical.
  11. labret
  12. I think it's peirced too low, about 5mm, maybe more.

    I always thought it was a 'labret' ?

    I had mine done for a few years, took it out late last year, i was just sick of having it.
  13. lol i have a lip piercing , but its small for work , also tongue ! worst part was getting my lip stretched a little! dont like those piercings , too common , and they always have the big balls , plus bad for your teef . I have alot of tats which are alot better then piercings , i look like a emo but i aint , ( cos i ride bikes , make me more into a man ) hehe
  14. Go the full whole hog and get a bolt on ya dong :LOL: :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Don't listen to Dazza, just because he has a bolt-on dong...
  16. So wheres the pics of gowrons new adition to the family jewles?
  17. If i was going to get 1 , i would put a bell on it , so when i move it jingles
  18. do you mean on your mouth or your... other bits?
  19. yeah mine didnt bother you! :LOL:

    Labrum: In medicine, a ring of fibrocartilage (fibrous cartilage) around the edge of the articular (joint) surface of a bone. The term labrum is used in anatomy to designate a lip, edge, or brim. Plural: labra.

    A labret is one form of body piercing. Taken literally, it is any type of adornment that is attached to the facial lip

    so all are kinda right you have a labret in your labrum :grin: :grin:
  20. other bits , if you seen the movie "senseless" the guys room mate has 1 with a bell , its quite funny , those quite painful if you get it caught on something.