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My new kitty: black R6

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Picked her up today with the assistance of bneaver. Very naaice.
    Rides like a wet dream. Couldn't be happier right now :twisted:

    Got a few mods, slip-on, braided lines, dampener, frame sliders and a few other cool thangs..

    Just so Ktulu does not get worked up, here are pics:



  2. Great stuff.. That looks tough as .. :twisted:
  3. Those pictures are pornographic!

    Freakn awesome bike.

    Sh!its me that you've got a big bike already, when us young'ns have to wait so long :( :LOL:
  4. yep that will turn some heads
  5. You will be lead bike at the next mardi gras fersure
  6. Wow great bike! congrats.

    what kind of camera are you using. Nice shots.
  7. Damn it! Just made a mess...

    Hang on...

    Where's that rag?


    Freakin awesome ride dude!
  8. Nice bike! Hide it from FLUX! :p

    Where's your rego sticker and rear indicators? I think I must be blind!
  9. You made that on Photoshop, didn't you?? :grin:

    No real bike could look that sweet!! :eek:

    Congrats on the new ride!
  10. lovely example of a yamaha, and even better example of tasty-crunchy-with-sweet chilli-dipping-sauce CHICKEN STRIPPPPSSSS!!!!1!!1!\
    :LOL: :p :p :p :p
  11. lol. your making me hungry. gimme a break, its day 1 with the bike :)
  12. kursed if you're ever in Brisbane I've got the fanciest blinged-out Blackbird ever that needs some photos!!! :wink:
  13. the R6 in that colour is one of the hottest bikes out there

    congrats mate, looks unreal
  14. :shock:
    SEX on two wheels :p
    simply awesome ..
  15. Dam Sweet ride there Kursed
  16. looks perfect!

    another reason why I'm going with an R6!
  17. :WStupid:

    Not that you're stupid, it was the only emoticon that pointed up! :-w
  18. I seen this machine in person yesterday, and it even made me drool with all the extra goodies he's got on there!

    The rego label is under the rear cowl, rear indicators are intergrated into the tail light, and the front ones are flush mount.

    This things looks and sounds awesome on the road. He didnt show you guys he's new jacket also to go with this beast.... Its a cool jacket also!

    Congrats Kursed!
  19. fark mate nice ride. must be chalk and cheese with the old zeal.
    shame the weather this weekend is shit :mad: