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My NEW K9, (not a dog lol) !!PICS!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tim650, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. #1 tim650, Oct 9, 2009
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    Just picked up and brought my new bike home. Was only a short distance but all i can say is first snicking first gear and the bike automatically creeps forward :-O

    I just know this bike wants to get up and go, and GO it does, taking it easy and on C-Mode cause of wet roads, new tyres and no insurance just yet lol.. Im told C-Mode to fullpower A-Mode is a 25hp difference. Cant wait to press A :angel:

    Man this thing is SEX in white, glad i chose it over the traditional blue, its soo clean, simple but stylish. The gold wheels are easy to clean, and what a clour, these pictures definitely dont do it justice.

    Picked it up with 0km's, now has 11km's, i plan to start running it in on a warmer day, and vary the revs till first service.

    Yoshi pipe from Suzuki will come soon, but Leo Vince may be on order, and definitely putting a fender eliminator.

    Hope you like, Haters dont post a comment, or keep it friendly.

    Video and Pics:


  2. Mmmmm... Zook-a-licious.

    I like the white/orange/carbon scheme you got it in too. Shame the temp on the dash is coolant not oil though. Can you change it?
  3. :eek: p0rn in white........ Love the color of the wheels matched with the white.

    Were they an optional color? or that's standard with the white? Usually you get black or dark blue.

    Very Nice!!
  4. Yeah you can change it, water temp is where ODO is, when you press the button, same with clock and that.

    No option, white has gold wheels. I love it too.

    Thanks for comments so far.
  5. Mate that thing is sexy as. Congrats on the buy. Should be interesting to see what you think when you hit that A button!!!
  6. i showed interest in your r6, but i like this much more!!!

    personally though im a sucker for the traditional colours
  7. sick bike man. I got a k5 gixxer and em having a fender eliminator put on it tomorrow. Seriously Wtf are they thinking even sending em out the factory like that. Its fkn hideous.
  8. Mate this is "Much More" than the R6 lol, completely different power delivery, its exactly like what the magazines say, Gixxers are like a V8 on two wheels.

    Each to their own, i love the blue/white also, but everyone has one. So mine is rarer lol \\:D/
  9. Tell me about it, its on a whole new level of Hideous. LOOK:tantrum:

  10. What sorta power is it rated at (at the crank)?
  11. Somewhere between much and alot......191bhp apparently

  12. ENOUGH!!! lol Crank has 191hp Apparently as "DTwo" says lol, bike reviews dyno them and the Zook is most powerful of 1000cc class, (Quoting RAPID magazine) and it puts out 165.4hp at wheel stock.

    Once i get my Yoshi on there, it removes the cat so maybe another 3-4hp at wheel..
  13. Daym, that is SEX on wheels =P~

    Cant wait till the modding begins on the tail and exhaust. \\:D/
  14. Dude... awesome to say the least, you lucky bastard you! :)

    But... The R6 was .... Much nicer in my opinion :bolt: :D
  15. That. Is hot. Love it in white, good choice!
  16. That. Is hot. Love it in white, good choice!
  17. Veh nice! Love those rims, and the stock exhaust actaully, and the new hud design.
  18. Very sweet bit of gear
  19. Noice!:moped:

    Nuf said
  20. Thanks guys, hopefully the rain stays away and i can take it out today and tomorrow, yesterday was scary enough..

    The standard pipes in person aren't as bad as lookin at the pictures, i think now the K7/K8 model twins were ugly compared to these giant penis'. LOL