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My new K7 GSXR600

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  1. jalalski submitted a new Showcase Item:

    My new K7 GSXR600

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  2. Nice bike, jalalski. Enjoy it.
  3. This bike is now for sale. Check the Classifieds section of the forum ;)
  4. So the blue one triumphed? Ha ha ha.
  5. Indeed mate ;)
  6. It's gone!
  7. Hope you got a reasonable price for it.
  8. Yes George, exactly the price I had in mind, so it was worth the wait and the guy who bought it was happy to pay as much as he did. In fact he fell in love with the bike as soon as he saw it. Can't blame him. Well, at least he'll put it to good use. I now have a bit of room in my garage with one bike ;)