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My new k7 gsx-r600

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryano, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Finally got my gixxer home yesterday after a heart wenching wait due to the bank. All worth it though, the experience compared to my old gpx250 is amazing, still can't get the smile off my face.

    Can't wait to get used to the bike, do an advanced course or two, and rip up the twisties like they should be :LOL:.

  2. Congrats mate, I tested one of these when I buying a new bike, and it was a very close call between this and the R6. I only went the R6 coz I am a Yamaha fan and just felt that bit better on it.

    They have awesome induction sound hey? Very loud and super responsive. Enjoy mate, and wish you many years of fun on her.
  3. Awesome ride dude, as soon as they came out I fell in love!

    Just take it easy during the transition time from the GPX!
  4. WOW

    Very nice :grin:
  5. Looks good in black. :cool:
    That's an interesting exhaust setup they've got on them now, actually looks a lot better than having a huge metal can spoiling the lines of the bike I reckon.
  6. That's soooooo nice.

    If I were to get a 600 supersport right now - that would be it.
    Black of course.

    I would also sit in a bank for a week if they said they would deliver my bike now instead of December. ](*,)

    Well done. :grin:
  7. sexy bike man, =P~
  8. that black is so fineeeeeee
  9. That's a mean looking bike ryano!! Congratulations =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~
  10. Congrats man, i share your joy. I remeber when i bought my brand spanking new ZX636 06 model. Basically jumped on it from an 88 ZX2R.... So i know wat u mean....

    I have to ask, when u firt opened the throttle, did it give u a smile from 1 side of the helmet to the other (as difficult as that might be!) i know mine sure did... So congrats dude! looks good!!!

    plus i am in those "new" shoes again, just bought a ZX9R and have to wait 10 days!!!! errrr

    but back on track Congrats!
  11. Yeah, tried the r6, thought the sitting position on the gixxer was better for me , as well as the exhaust tone. But there is pretty much nothing between the supersports, just coming down to personal preference...in my huge experience that is :p.

    Apparently they are going back to the larger exhausts next year because of the new emission laws. Pitty, because I like the minimalist style, makes the tail look real clean imo.

    lol, yeah, that first twist of the throttle was an ecstatic mix of fear and pure joy. Grats on the new shoes :D :beer:
  12. yeah same, fear, but once u get the speed up the JOY!!!

    i don't want to have to wait, i feel like a 10 year old kid on xmas eve!!!
  13. Thats a sweet ride mate. I can't wait till im in the same position.
  14. It is a great feeling, your lucky mate u got a bike!! i am sitll having to wait!! :(
  15. Awesome looking bike, I love a GSXR of any capacity, but you have to lose the reflectors off the front guards. I asked the dealer to take mine off before it left the shop. They might be safe but they just don't look right.
  16. Yeah, they really stick out dont they. You can tell that they must of just stuck them on as a last minute thing to meet saftey requirements by law. Blokes at the dealship reckon they are the first things to get removed on them, followed by the warning stickers.
  17. Yeah, that is exactly what I did, the stickers are a pain in the arse, mine had 5 or 6 of them which took a while to get off with the hair dryer. It is well worth the effort though looks way better. I even took the tyre pressure sticker off the chain guard.
    When you take the reflectors off you actually need to buy some bolts from your suzuki dealer to replace them with. They are the same bolts that are used in the other parts of your front guard and Suzuki doesn't mind charging a ridiculous amount for them either.
  18. Nice mate. New black Suzuki's seem to be the flavour of the month.
  19. I picked my Gixxer 600 K 7 up in June. She had the reflectors taken off in the shop and was destickered within 24 hours, Soo tacky. Far too many. Im waiting to see the sticker these days that says "WARNING: dont ride bikes they are too dangerous" :LOL: I love my little blue girl, shes sweet.
    Congrats on a fine choice.
  20. Congrats on the new bike.. Enjoy and stay safe.. :grin: