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My New Hyosung 250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrtypeR, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Hey guys... thought i'd share some pics of my new bike i picked up last weekend!... this is my first bike and im loving it...

    going to put a screamin deamon exhaust on it soon once they are in stock and thats about it.... i've put a tinted visor and tank prtoector on too.

    look fwd to meeting up some of you guys on the Learner nights!!!

    my mate also picked up a black one too

    im out in North West Melb if anyone wants to go for a ride in the coming weeks!!


  2. Very nice, I like the two tone colours :wink: May it serve you well.
  3. glad to see you finally picked it up :)


    PS: Go check out the local riders thread over at korider if your keen for a ride :)
  4. thanks guys... yeah loving it at the moment... its like im checking the weather for the next day hoping its nice out so i can take it for a ride lol!
  5. Mmm 2 tone looks nice.

    Nothing beats a new bike.
  6. nice looking bike those Hyo's...brand new?

    PM me your number if you want to go out on a ride...cheers
  7. yeah both bike brand new!

    def. up for a ride in a few weeks!

    yeah i was gonna get the red... but changed to the two tone... glad i did.. really stands out!!
  8. Very nice. I really like the tinted visor. How much did that set u back.
  9. i think they are about 130 bucks retail... tho it was all bundled in with the bike so probably got it a bit cheaper
  10. Grats on the new bike, they are a good looking beast!
  11. Wow 130 bucks for a tinted visor which comes bundled with a hyo. That's pretty good mate, I would've saved the 20 bucks and gone without the hyo bundled in :rofl:

    Jks, it's a good looking bike, good luck with it :wink:
  12. thanks guys... yeah really loving the bike... i put the red pin strips on the wheels today and looks even better... post some new pics up soon!...

    looking fwd to coming out on some rides with you guys soon!
  13. Congrats on the new ride. I'm got a new Hyosung too and am loving it.

  14. thanks mate... hopefully see ya on one of the cruises soon!
  15. Congratulations on the new bike - and even more congratulations for getting this far with no rude comments from the anti-Hyosung brigade here. :LOL:

    (you know who you are Loz... :p )
  16. Good work on the new bike. Treat it well and it'll treat you well. :)

    I picked up a new 2009 GT250 on the weekend and am happy with it. I got fed up with waiting since Aug for the CB400 and thought I'd try the GT250. It cruises the freeway better than my old (2006) VTR250. The standard small screen on them (not shown on pics in an internet search) makes freeway riding good and the digital speedo (with clock and electronic petrol gauge) works well and is clear in the sun and in the dark. I hope that the low level petrol light works correctly as there isn't a reserve (or on/off) petrol switch.
  17. Go Team -
    ey mate, iv got the fuel switch on my hyo, but its the naked version. Me and my mate had a look on his 250R but you guys have got a knob you can adjust which changes the Idol Revs.
  18. My naked 2009 has no switch. Apparently they changed it for this model.