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My new Hunter!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by beeman102, May 1, 2012.

  1. First time poster, long time trawler :p
    Just got my Learners last Sat, 2 hours later bought my first bike!:beer:

    Still a n00b but loving the ride!
    It has a few tiny stone chips etc, any idea on how to polish them out?

  2. Is that the new 350cc Hunter?

    I sat on one of those at last year's Motorcycle (oh, and scooter) show and found the seat quite hard & uncomfortable. Would be better with a different seat though.

    You plan on riding your MOST P's test on it? Might be difficult for the cone weave & tight U-Turn but a lot of practice can cure that.

    Don't worry about polishing out the stone chips...you'll only get more & drive yourself mental about them. Other wise touch up paint might work as you can't really polish out a stone chip.

    Love the chopper look of these.
  3. Very nice looking bike, and welcome!

    I'm liking the Hunters: everyone that I have seen on the road has turned my head for more then a few seconds! Keep us updated with MANY pics!
  4. welcome to NR, nice angled pic
  5. Thanks all! yeah the seat on there is actually comfy for me. Its only the 250.. as it is my first bike im going to be picky over everything! lol
    Now.. to buy an alarm for it!
    Didnt think about the MOST test.. should i be worried?
  6. Nice!! Love the look of the Hunters.
  7. Don't be worried, just concerned. Download the test from the RTA (or RMS now!!) website and that will show you what you need to do to pass. It has the distances between cone's, U-turns, stoppng distances etc so you can get a very accurate feel for what you need to do. Set some Coke bottles up in an empty carpark and practice!

    I wouldn't say it was impossible to pass but it can be harder as your bike is longer and can be more difficult to manouvre tight obstacles at a slow speed.

    If you find it's all too hard then just hire one of their bikes on the day. They're not too difficult to get used to and it'll be easier to pass.
  8. :( I thought I was going to see a picture of one of these :LOL:

    Hillman Hunter.
  9. nice ride, i wouldnt be worried about the most, with practise almost any bike can get around the course.

    I have seen huge harleys make it round (in the ACT there is no CC limit, just power, so most harleys are fine)

    and my instructor at hart said they can get a goldwing around the course.
  10. lol thanks, yeh i will more then likely use their bike for the test..
    More pictures to come soon..now is the time to go gear up! need a decent place to start looking..any decent places to buy a good helmet/leather jacket & Kevlar jeans from?
    Peter Stevens any good these days?
  11. just another thing.. whats the P's test called in VIC?? i cant find much documentation on it..
  12. Buying Gear depends on yer budget mate, Look around the net first. Grats on the Hunter, I love that look. Keep us posted as to how she treats you. Welcome to the road from a very different perspective.
  13. In Vic, It's The "P,s" Test. :) you've got a way to go before sweating on that, Ride first.
  14. ...Happy hunting!..... :D
  15. There's an absurdity about these bikes that I quite like. Congratulations. Where in Victoria are you (regarding gear)?

    Now you have to get yourself a DVD of Easy Rider.
  16. yeh, just bought myself all the gear i need for Peter Stevens in Ferntreegully the other day.
    Bikes just going through the Roadworthy phase, so apparently my oversized exhaust is unroadworthy..lol
  17. Very cool!
  18. photo22.

    Just picked her up.. bloody torrential rain! took a good hour and a half to get her home.. not bad for my first ride! EVER!!=D>
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  19. So, How is it mate ? Everything yuh wanted ? How's the power ?