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My new Honda!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by bushido, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Old bike: 05 RS125

    New bike 3 weeks ago:

    After 6 hours of fettling yesterday and figuring out how to take off fairings, footpegs, etc...

    The Honda with new goodies:

    Jardine RT1 Ti slip on with the race core
    Motodynamics Integrated tail light
    Some cheap fender eliminator

    Dam exhaust still doesnt sit right...
    I had my first ride to uni (city) today with the new exhaust and I got off 40 minutes later with what felt like bleeding eardrums. 60km/h cruise in 6th puts it at 3000rpm and an unbearbly loud deep noise. Going up through the gears getting onto the M4 and going past 6000rpm was even louder. I think I need to wear earplugs for rides lasting more than 20 minutes.

    Very similar in feel to the little Aprilia but IMO the Honda seems more flickable if that makes sense? Its alot easier to do slalom like manoevures? Definately a noticeable difference to the Aprilia but its not as fun to ride below triple digits. Loving it heaps so far.

    Only thing left to fit is the smoked flush mounts. Does anyone know to wire these up?
  2. You could try running some sort of baffle in the pipe. At least then it would only be you who needs the ear plugs.
  3. Congrats, nice ride.. I always liked that colour scheme :)
  4. my honest opinion, not meaning to put u down, the can looks shit

    (as u can see, im not the type that says, "nice bike, looks tops" just to make u feel good, i will actualy tell you what i think)

    Everyone has different tastes though
  5. The jardine single exit is a little different, but every Jane, Dick and Harry has a Yoshi. I agree with you Goz that the can aint the prettiest but heck for the price I got it for I dont really care. Now just have to straighten the bastard out..
  6. And work out a line to tell the police when they pull you over....


    if YOUR ears are bleeding , imagine how much attention it will grab.... good and bad.
  7. Cant be that loud as the Harley that was in front of me on epping road yesterday made it impossible to hear my own bike. hmm
  8. Maybe you could chop down the Jardine to clean it up a bit? Re wrap it, carbon/black to blend it in with the arse a little...(different strokes, for different fokes! Aslong as your happy, who gives a ****) Im with goz, im not a fan, but you cant go wrong for the $$$ you paid.
  9. Well, I wouldn't chop the MUFFLER, just the pipe that it attaches to. That way it doesn't stick out so far and look so "added-on".
  10. OR simply get your stock exhaust de-baffled, apparently its a pretty straight forward DIY... I had a link to a tutorial somewhere! >.<!
  11. id chop that exhaust about 100mm shorter it would look a treat, but you would really need to baffle or quiet core it.

    my hmf is too loud. ill see how long i can get away with it. canaries are never fun, keep the stocker somewhere safe
  12. I thought about chopping the stocker on the OEM weld and un packing it but I might need it if I get a defect notice. It is kind of weird how on the 05-06 some exhausts stick out heaps. I know the two brothers do too..

    A few of the blokes on 600rr.net have chopped their jardines (in the pipe exception of course) and it does look mint!