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My "new" Honda CT110

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kelvinc, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I have decided to take the easy way out and buy a Honda Postie to do my Ps. Confidence is a tricky thing and it seems that it is not easy when I do not have much confidence to start off with !

    I have been searching for a postie for the last two days, well, really yesterday and found a nice one on ebay. Went to see it today and bought it.

    It is really light and easy to ride. Love not having to worry about the cutch. It is a bit worn but probably means that I don't have to baby it.

    God, it takes forever to accelerate from 60 onwards. Coming back from Berowra was hard. Lucky I didn't take the freeway.

    Brakes are not good but okay for such a light bike.

    I gave the nod to tons of other bike riders but I don't think some nodded back. Must be the lack of respect for a Postie. Are posties in the same category as scooters?

    I am sure my Husky SMR510 was in the cool category when doing the nod.

    Anyway, I had fun riding the postie and it is highly recommended for a starting bike.

    I can't wait to get my Ps soon but I have a funny feeling that I might keep onto the postie a bit longer !
  2. Posties are cooler than cows - keep the oil changes up (no filter in them) and they'll last forever...