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My New Honda CB900F Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mauser, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I recently bought a new (2007 run out model) CB900F Hornet in the candy blaze orange colour as my "keeper" bike. I was initially looking at the GSX1400, ZRX1200 and XJR 1300, but chose this little beauty. Probably a bit more practical for what I need it for (weekday commuter, weekend longer rides), plus it was a fair bit cheaper. It rides well and pretty much suits my needs. I will post some some pics soon.

  2. MZ TS 250, Honda CB900F Hornet!

    Nice contrast :LOL:

    Enjoy it.
  3. Lol, Thanks mate. They look funny sitting next to each other in the garage. They're both nice to ride in their own ways.

  4. They're a great all-rounder. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  5. Thanks Loz.
  6. Not that I don't already have half a dozen pictures of all the aforementioned bikes sitting on my computer (well 'xcept the 250), but

    :worthlesspics: :)

    Interesting that you bought the CB900F over the GSX1400. The thought had never occurred to me!
  7. Congrats mate!
    now how about some pics eh ..
  8. [​IMG]


    Here's a few pics!
  9. Brilliant!

    And if you ever get bored with it, go one tooth down on the front sprocket. Double Brilliant!
  10. Nice, enjoy!
  11. Thanks lads,

    It is very nice!
  12. good one mate,

    Always liked the H9, will def. buy a H9 one day, did you consider the Z1000 in your selecions at any time?
  13. Thanks. The Z1000 seemed a bit "sporty" for what I had in mind. It cost a bit more too.