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My new Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by lemontree, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Just got my cb400 2008 from a private seller over the weekend. World's apart from my previous 2stroke NSR I had. Certainly a keep til my unrestricted license (perhaps further?). HRC Colours ftw! :)

    2008 model

    recently serviced with 2 new Bridgestone BT23 tyres.

    Couldn't be happier!

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  2. Great stuff man.
    I love my CB400. Just when I think I want to upgrade, there is something inside me that won't let me sell it.
    If they bring out a Spec V but with better suspension then I would not hesitate to buy a new one.
  3. Good choice :) What made you decide to upgrade from the NSR?
  4. Very nice bike, and those tyres will serve you well. I had a set fitted to my GSX1400, and loved them. I only put maybe 2000km on them, but damn they were good km.

    Also a major fan of the CB400, had one as a loan bike while mine was getting serviced, what a hoot for a Lams bike.

    Congrats on the upgrade and here's to many happy km!
  5. Great buy, I did a lot of research before going for the cb400 - but it was worth it. Great bike, you'll love it.
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  6. I had the same with gold wheels (finished the tri colour look old school). Was soooo much fun. Used to flog my mate on his GTR650r :)

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  7. Very nice! A great bike and a beautiful colour scheme.
  8. The 2011 black with gold rims is the best for sure, but then i might be slightly biassed :p
  9. Good choice.. but then I might be biased too :)
  10. I saw one of them today and, yeah, it looked incredible.
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  11. Thanks for the comments guys. I am very looking forward in racking up a lot of KMs on this bike.

    Hey Whiteyy. Ahhh my beloved 2smoker.. how I miss it! Much to all the dramas my NSR gave me, I've always wanted something solid and long term.. So after long nights researching and scouring online forums (inc. this one of course) I've narrowed it down to the CB400.

    Initially, I didn't want to sell my NSR (i had a love/hate relationship with that one) as I wanted to keep it for the track but I couldnt wait to get the CB400 so I had no choice but to sell it. It's true what they say- It's more fun to go fast on a slow bike than slow on a fast one. I had an awesome time thrashing that little thing around but was no good for long rides. I might get a NSR250 just for fun once i get my unrestricted license. For now, my CB400 will be my companion til then.

    Now I don't smell like 2stroke oil when I walk into a room! :)
  12. haha i knew you wouldnt keep that nsr for very long, nice upgrade
  13. I absolutely love the look of the CB400 in that colour scheme! I saw one the other day and it gave me a tingle down my spine it was so sexy. I'm happy with my VTR250 but still keeping an eye out for a good deal bike just like yours!
  14. btw, can someone tell me what's the difference between the CB400s that have gold rims? Is that specifically the ABS model?
  15. No not necessarily.
    I think it just comes down to the year model. Each year the colour schemes change
  16. i got the 2011 ABS model, ordered black and it came with gold rims without me asking.