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My "New" Honda 2007 VFR800 (pics)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thesal, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. hi netriders,

    as an ex part time road rider / current dirt biker...i've been lurking on this forum for a while...but i'm extremely happy to say i'm now back on the tar with new adventures ahead of me in the form of a fuel injected V4 :grin:

    after a month of test riding a triumph RS955 , FZ6, GSXr 750, and a new BMW 1200... after riding this one down the road 400 metres, i knew would buy it....she a one year old Black Pearl 2007 Honda VFR800..got her for $12000... she's immaculate... 10,000k's... staintunes ...full service history...venura bag and rack (i removed on sat.)

    she's so smoooth...comfy...lovely dash and controls lol... and the power is great especially for me being used to my WR250f offroad. (pic below)

    i took her to the Nat. Park / Kangaroo Valley / Kiama on sat and did the old pac hwy and back yesterday...i even took her out last night for a solo run at 11pm for an hour...woohooo :p

    i've been riding dirt bikes for 20 years and used to ride a mates 2000 model vfr alot when he also had an Aprilia...well as you see in the pic below, he now has an '07 MV F4R now (see pic below)...and i've basically been following that around for the last two days...and omg that thing mooooves.. :shock:

    oh my...how good is to be out there again on the big open roads on my own baby...
    i bought a new AGV lid but need some new leathers and road boots as the jeans and CAT boots i have, don't quite cut it...any suggestions welcome :)

    the only "bling" i want is something to replace that huge hideous ugly number plate holder hanging off the back...again, any suggestions welcome lol

    i could ride her everyday but no, she's a weekend good time girl and i must "cage on" during the week...anyway, shes asleep now untill next weekend...lets hope the suns out :grin:

    i hope to see some of you soon on some of the sydney netrides....please feel free to make any comments, suggestions or pay outs :p
    safe riding...

    Black '07 VFR



  2. I've seen one of those bikes before, but where ??????

    They're nice aren't they ;)
  3. I'm not the world's biggest VFR fan, but that's a great price. Well done!
  4. cheers loz...
    i haggled him down a grand :p ...poor guy was honestly shattered to see it go..but his mrs was preggers with their second

    ahhh, a man with fine taste indeed....and ohhh yeah mate...nice?... best damn 12K i ever spent... we'll be chatting i'm sure :)

    Black '07 VFR
  5. I'm liking it Rob :cool:

    Big improvement on ya last bike; thats for sure :grin:

    Good one!
  6. shaawing!!!
    i love it mate.great choice. :cool:
  7. thanks interloper..once i rode her the choosing was made easy for me... and cheers MG, but i've still got the WR...i'll always have an enduro and the VFR would do it a bit tough through the Watagans and our local state forests :p

    Black '07 VFR
  8. Very nice looking machine there mate! Hows she sound with them pipes on her? Good work, maybe see you on a net ride one day!
  9. thanks LKC...yes she sounds awesome...i now absolutely love to drop a gear ot two when travelling through the m5 and sydney harbour tunnels :p
  10. Very nice. I'll have one of these when I get a real job :LOL:
  11. i know i was the same phizog...only got serious with work when i hit the 30s...even now i was stetching it a bit with 12K.. but hey, you're only young once :p ...get that job and start saving bro...you won't regret it
  12. Oh my god that VFR looks awesome, and so does that MV… =P~

    Congrats on your ride :p
  13. congrats on the VFR!! my boyfriend bought one at the end of last year & absolutely LOVES it.

    i worry that one day he'll leave me for the bike :LOL:
  14. edgelett - that's why you keep the keys to his bike :twisted:
  15. Thats one good-lookin VFR !!!
    Well Done
  16. looks great! :cool:
  17. Good work, mate. Thats a nice looking shed too, lots of toys - i'm jealous! :grin:
  18. i saw one of those on the road the other day and was left wondering what it was... now i know! look awesome mate, great find!
  19. thanks for your replies guys...and yeah...i still feel like a little kid at xmas...today at work has been reaaaaly long so i might have to take her out tonight for a little late night spin :p

    and dave sta, i wish it was, but it's at a motor mechanic mates garage where a few of us hang out of a weekend sometimes and talk shi* to each other about who has the best toy lol....

    Black '07 VFR
  20. ^^^^ Ah well dude, we can only dream :grin: