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My New Helmet: Bell Star

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Siwagod, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Just got back from MCAS with my new Bell Star. Decided to upgrade from my HJC since it kills my jaw after about 40 minutes due to being king hit a few years ago. Pressure on the joint of my jaw get quite sore.

    Tried whole bunch of ones on including Arai, Shoei, Shark and AGV.

    I seen to have a long face or something because a lot of them my nose was brushing the front and the chin guards poking my chin.

    Finally settled on the Bell Star. Would have liked the full carbon one, but was just a bit too much.
    Love it, super comfortable, looks brilliant and smells like new car. The magnetic strap end is great too to stop it fluttering around.

    Also got a chrome visor for day rides.

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  2. Nice mate. Looks great. Definitely considering a Bell for the next lid.

    Make sure to post up a review. Just quickly, what's the noise level like? :thumbs:
  3. I won't have a chance to use it on the road until either tomorrow night or Friday night so I'll be sure to mention what the noise level is like.

    Here's a very in depth review I just found.
  4. Ridden about 450km so far using the Bell and I've got to say I love it. Noise levels are pretty average, not too loud but not exactly silent.
    The ventilation however is incredible. With the vents open, its almost as good as having the visor open without the crushing wind in your eyes.
    Very refreshing feeling cold air passing over your hair and around your head.
    It was pretty hot riding back up to Sydney over 2 hours and the air circulation was definitely appreciated. Was the difference between lightly sweating and full on dripping.

    Highly recommend.

    I threw on the tinted visor this afternoon and it's great too. Doesn't feel like a blackout and yet no need for squinting. Plus it looks like sex.

    EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention, it is light as hell too. Barely feels like you have anything on. No neck stiffness or soreness after long rides, easily turn your head back and forth without having to brace and pretty good to carry into the shops.

    Can only imagine what the full carbon one is like.
  5. Consider wearing earplugs, they will protect your hearing in the long term and you will still be able to hear all you need to when riding.
  6. Been a drummer for 12 years, gigging since I was 14 and teaching for 4. Sad to say most of the damage is already done hahaha
  7. Seriously considering one of these, especially now that Bell offer a transitional visor for it, how good is that!!
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  8. RS-1 is similar in terms of ventilation and I must admit, I'm also very happy with it. Very nice flow of cool air through the lid and once you take it off, very little sweat even on very hot days (obviously you need to be moving to get the full effect)

    The visor changing system, which is the same across the line is a snap to get on. So easy.

    @Siwagod also love the 3 camera angles on the last shot :p
  9. I picked up my transition visor yesterday. It is fantastic and would recommend to anyone with a Bell helmet. Was fantastic when riding through the tunnel!!!
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  10. Are they easy to clean like the Dark + Clear visors? Is it a scratch magnet like the Iridium ones?
  11. Having only had it for a day....not scratches yet and was easy enough to clean.
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  12. Oh I forgot to mention the change out system. Holy crapola is it easy! Takes like 5-10 seconds to swap a visor out. Absolute luxury.

    And hahaha, I didn't even think about the reflections when taking it. Came in handy though :LOL:
  13. You've got me excited, I just ordered an RS-1, matte black + iridium visor. $400 delivered.
    Massive upgrade from my Rjays $100 super special that wants to pull my head off on the freeway.
  14. You'll love it. The iridium visor isn't as dim as say a standard pair of sunglasses, but it absolute does the job. I've been using it for commuting this week, even though I must look like a tit in full gear with an irid visor and L plates, I care not.

    Not sure about the RS-1, but I know at least with the Star, at Highway speeds there is barely any pull on your head. Very manageable.