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My New GSXR600

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Buck, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Hi to all out there. This is my first post and what better way of starting off by showing my new gixxer - very proud of it and looking forward to all the great fun I can have on it!


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  2. Oh man. That looks absolutely stunning. Wow.
  3. +1

    Really really really nice!

    Hope you got a good deal on it:)
  4. That looks bloody nice!

    How is it to ride?
  5. Great first post, free Yoshi pipe on new 600's, im guessing you got that in the deal.

    Nice bike, dont like them stickers but.

  6. Bah! Dam all you full license having mofos!

    Just kidding.

    Awesome bike mate looks tidier than Megan Fox. \\:D/
  7. Hot damn that's a mighty fine looking piece of machinery!

    Smitizen, use your time on a restricted licence to learn how to ride rather than to whinge!
  8. Lol duly noted Obi-wan. I shall strive to achieve your level of extreme awesomeness with the 320 days i've left ;)
  9. Obi-wan, did you think that your advice may be applicable to yourself also? :D

    Nice gixxaa!
  10. Smitizen, impossible. :p


    Phizog, I'm off restrictions. I'm waiting for Santa to put a GSXR in my carport. ;)
  11. You're off restrictions too?! BAH! Dam you people, go back to your shanties! ;)

    I'm off to go practise now.
  12. Don't worry Smit, you aren't the only one. I've still got until next August:(
  13. I commute on mine so that's why i notice the lack of power unless i wind it up. If i could get out to the twisties at least twice a week like the G.O.R. run i did on the weekend then i'd care less.

    Just for the record the G.O.R. get's my vote over the Black Spur all the way!
  14. Princess, I commute on a bloody 248cc p-twin, and courtesy of something called a 'clutch', it works just fine. You've got a 400cc V-4 right? F*kn A would I like to commute on that! Drop the gearing a notch and that thing would be a bloody laugh riot at rush hour! :grin:

    BTW, Black and Reefton Spurs are better, because you don't have to ride down the speed camera infested Princess Tollway to get there. :p
  15. Lol @ princess, been a long 15 months on your beast has it?
    You poor thing :butt:

    As for the Spurs being better due to tollways, i was staying in Anglesea over the weekend and launched from there. Problem solved \\:D/
  16. Simply stunning bike - I love the black colour scheme too!

    I'm going to grovel to my missus to give me one of these for my upcoming birthday, but I don't like my chances! Grrrr!

    Enjoy the new bike!



    "I feel the need.... the need for speed!"
  17. It's 22 months and counting. Good news is I'm still pushing the envelope, but all I can really do is lean the bike over further and brake later. I think a 130hp / 200kg is an appropriate step up. If you ride yours to destruction, 150hp might be more appropriate for you, hence my original advice. ;)

    I love Anglesea. Stayed there during summer once. It would have been even better if I had the motorbike. Now you've got me thinking ...
  18. Yeah Anglesea is also wicked because it doesn't draw massive goon squad crowds over summer so it's quite peaceful.

    As for eventual step for me at this stage without test riding anything i'm only seriously thinkin about 750's namely the gsxr. But we'll have to wait and see what the devil on my shoulder lusts after at the time! :demon:
  19. Hey, thanks to you all for the great banter. Dane75 - it rides absolutely awesome. Tim650 thanks - I like your GSXR1000 - it's bloody sweet mate. The bike was actually an insurance replacement due to write off - it was only 4 months old. Thanks to QBE they had me back on in a month and provided the pipe too as it was apart of the deal on the first one - sounds much nicer and looks a whole lot better than the OE can!
  20. By the way Smitizen, I'd highly recommend the gixxer - when you get off your restrictions! lol. ;-),