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my new gsxr

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by vagabond, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Just got my second bike two days ago, Gsxr750 2011. Very stoked a little bit cautios though as ive only ridden a cbr250r for 3 months but amazing nonetheless. Does anybody know what the penalty is for riding one on your RE licence?


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  2. yes and you probably will soon
  3. nice bike, shame you exposed yourself as not being licensed to ride it, on a good note, looks like all other gxxrs, stay out of trouble with it!!!
  4. I assume that disobeying the conditions of your license would incur the same penalty as riding unlicensed, since that's essentially what you're doing. $500 fine with no demerit points associated in VIC, not too sure in Queensland.
  5. 42 demerit point's I think....
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  6. mate, don't ride that thing until you are licensed! no insurance if you crash (inc anyone or anything valuable you hit), and on l's you probably will, espesh with that much power. i ride my 650rl and have done for 3 months, and i can tell you, there is still so so much to learn!
  7. I'm away 2 weeks on 1 off so won't really won't be riding that much. Just couldn't handle the lack of power on the 250 anymore, plus got at a pretty price. Only on RE for a few more months....
  8. I wish I had enough money to have 2 bikes. Ride safely.
  9. Is it 42 times I have to ride til I'm perfect?
  10. ](*,) ahhhh, another rider flaunting the lams rules.
    I too couldn't stand the lack if power on my cbr250rr...I was frustrated and felt like I'd outgrown and could outride the bike within 2-3 months, but straight line is only a small part of what riding is about, and with only 3 months on the old bike like you stated, I'm certain that your abilities in all other areas are still very basic, and trying to get a grip on things like correct cornering setup, counter steer braking, emergency breaking etc on a bike that picks up speed so quickly will be tough.
    Don't want to preach dude, I honestly do know how you feel (i too got rid of the 250 but stayed lams with an rvf400), but try and do the right thing and clock up as many km's on the 250 before wobbling your way through the streets on the 750.
    Oh and the penalties are 3 points and around $350 in Vic.
  11. LOLOL

    Enjoy crashing because you dont have good enough throttle control to handle the massive increase in power between this and a cbr250r.

    Do you understand that when you crash, and your bike flies sideways into a BMW your going to PERSONALLY be up for potentially 100k or more if you write off someones car?

    Enjoy paying that off for the rest of your life you ****ing fool.
  12. Ever heard of a bike hitting a car hard enough to write it off, but leaving the rider in good enough condition to worry about the bill?
  13. Thanks for your veiws everyone, I racked up 5000k's on the 250 most of which was on the mountains and also had a few days out on various 600's. Im also planning on doing the HART advanced cornering course very soon. I have to say that I do feel a lot safer on the bigger bike as you dont get knocked around as much in the wind an there is enough power to get out of trouble, the handling is also miles ahead that of the cbr. Whilst it is a large increase in power that doesnt mean Im going to be going out and using it all at once, Ill admit I do still have a lot to learn but I have become fairly confident with all the cornering/braking techniques and I am planning on taking it slow whilst I am still getting used to the new feel and power of the bike.
  14. Big and expensive penalty with risks that's not worth doing.
    That being said I was in your shoes 2 years ago and got my 600 2 months early. I commuted on it everyday, rode it like an old lady and tried to make the bike look as stock as possible so it doesn't attract any cops. My mate who stayed on his 250 however, did learn so much more on his in terms of cornering and handling the bike which I was not able to learn on my 600 due to the value and power it had.

    Try not to ride it as much, or if you do stay away from trouble!
  15. FFS. Where's the facepalm emoticon? :facepalm:

    Just because you can't or couldn't do it, doesn't mean other people can't.

    What do you know about this guy that you can draw that conclusion?

    My guess is nothing.

    To the OP, the search function is up there /\ to the right.

    Sometime it is better to do one before opening yourself to criticism.

    Nice bike, have fun (y)
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  16. Im sure he is a great rider but at the end of the day he is a fool for buying a bike that he cannot legally ride. I will admit he probably wont do 100k in damage but still all it takes is some oil on the road or some gravel and he could easily rack up a fat bill that he probably cannot afford to pay/does not want to pay. Not to mention if his bike injures someone else severely, medical bills are not cheap.

    I would say the same to someone riding around with expired rego/insurance/license who has been riding for 20 years +.

    Im glad i dont live anywhere near the OP and thus will not have to deal with the court battles involved with sueing him when his bike ****s up my personal property.
  17. I rekon keep it in da garage till u get off your restrictions..
    No insurance covor wut so ever.. + facing fines & all ...
    Again plz dont ride it..

  18. Then why even say shit like that, when you know it's crap and you know we know it too?
    That statement stinks as much as all motorcycle crashes being caused by excessive speed.
  19. It is however still not impossible for that much damage to be done by his bike, what if he low sides and it slides onto the pavement and seriously injures a 1-2 people and they need to be in intensive care, or sue him because they are permanently disabled after having 250kg of motorcycle fly into them at 60kph.

    That kind of an accident is not unlikely to happen, low sides are the most common form on motorcycle only accidents, he will probably ride it in areas with pedestrians, and if an accident like that happened, there is a good chance he probably wouldn't get killed either.