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My new FZR600 :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ageg, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been hunting around for a bike for a few months and couldnt really find anything within my price range so i decided to wait for a bit and then my mate has decided he wants to upgrade his bike so he sold his fzr600 to me :).

    Bike seems to be in good condition, has 33k on the odo, tyres are pretty new and the bike seems to be running good and feels good. He has the lower fairing for it but he took them off becuase he didnt like the look of them on there, im gunna refit them and see how she looks with them back on :). Pretty excited to get out on the road with it.

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  2. I have one of those, a 94 model.

    Great bike, change the oil often i do 3000klms and a filter every 9000

    Mine has 120,000 on her and still strong.

    Enjoy one of the most overlooked sportsbikes around.
  3. Great find man! Let me know if you need any advice mechanically for it. I've owned one for 2 years now and done almost anything I could think of to bring it back up to its former glory haha.

    Actually, you dont want a pack rack do you? Ive got one sitting around

    Good luck mate! Hopefully see you round!!
  4. Nice find. Looks pretty clean and straight. How much?
  5. Thundercats rock!!!
  6. gorgeous looking bike :D congrats!
  7. Cheers guys, as i said before its missing the side fairings so ill see if i like them off or on :). Re: Sheeth, thanks mate....nah dont really need a bag rack atm...do have a mechanical question tho....the throttle dosent snap back like the bike i used on my learners course...you have to manually have to return it, my mate says its been like that since he has had it...could it be the cable sticking or the throttle grip catching?.
    Re: keendragon $2500 mate
  8. $2,500 - that's pretty good.
    Throttles should shut themselves. Get it fixed. A throttle that doesn't shut itself may be on the way to becoming a throttle that won't shut at all.

    If you're new to this caper, then go to a bike shop and get a bike mechanic to do it. It's probably not a terrifically difficult fix, but it isn't something you want to go wrong... There are not many mechanical defects that can happen to a bike that are more dangerous than a throttle that jams open. It isn't the very worst one, but it's pretty bad.
  9. Yeah no worries mate, to me it just needs to be adjusted and lubed, Its happened to me a few bikes, if your mechanically minded you could give it a shot, otherwise if your in Melbourne I'll have a look for you if you want to pop round sometime.

  10. sounds like a great deal, congrats! Looks awesome!
  11. Easy fix - spray lube. You might have to unscrew the switch block to reach the grip tube. For the cable, you might need a cable luber (a few dollars from a bike shop).

    Nice bike.
  12. I had my last ride of my FZR600 today and my god did it feel good.

    I'm going to miss that thing! But as they say, on to bigger and better things.

    I might add although the bike felt awesome today, getting back on the R1 was a revelation, what a difference 15 years and 400cc can make!