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my new first bike - VTR250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by infinityx, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Well after almost 7 months of waiting, i finally got a 2006 VTR250. today (sloced the deal from last week).

    Only rode it 5 metres inthe to garage :p

    still have to get my riding gear (Jacket, boots and pants) and have to find insurance and transfer the rego. then its alllll practice baby!!!!

    Really cant wait now...i'll post some proper pics later. here's one the seller posted on bikesales...


  2. Good on you mate. Not really my cup of tea, don't drink it anyway, but you've certainly got some fun ahead.
  3. Congrats infinityx, where are you based?
  4. pretty as the picture :)
  5. sydney, near parramatta (suburb called carlingford):)

    gonna go look for gear next weekend. Just realised most stores are closed sunday :(

    Might check out BGW, hopefully i find the right gear :)
  6. Love the burgundy and gold rims!!
    Ive got the bright red, dough
  7. Very cool, bashing around on one of them at the moment!
  8. love the vtr250. I'm in the market for one for my first bike too.

    How much did you pay and how many k's if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Nice bike btw.

    Now BGW are great and im a big fan, but they are only open tues through to saturdays *sigh*

    Dont forget about the mcas at Aurburn they are great for alot gear as well as Bikebiz at Parra and Granville.



    Also if you are in need of a Helmet these guys are the cheapest for most brands.


    Cheers Paul.
  10. Nice bike, I can see lots of fun for you coming up! Congratulations.
  11. I do miss my little minimonster. Congrats. :)
  12. Congrats, nice looking bike. I got myself a 2006 matt black one a few months back and love it as I'm sure you'll love yours.
    I think perhaps it's time I took some pics of mine as well.
  13. @Shimmy: i paid $5600 , 13,000km.

    @noob: In fact I did go to aurburn MCAS (apparently they were open on sunday, i didnt know). i found a jacket (Rjays Jetstream 2). But didnt get time to look at boots and pants.

    Since i've heard they will do a deal if i buy everything at once, i'm gonna go back there on saturday. Its only 20 min far compared to BGW (1hr).

    My insurance will be sorted this week as well, so hopefully i'll be riding this saturday :)
  14. Yea, i really like the look of the black ones as well, it was infact my second preference :)
  15. Can someone loan you some gear so you can get a ride on this beast?

    The VTR250 is a nicely balanced bike and some power there to flick it once you get your skills up.
  16. Bought some gear today and went for a ride only 15 min but it was awesome :p created another post in the newbie form about it :p

    So damned nervous throughout the whole ride :p i was most nervous taking it out of the drive way :p
  17. Also just bought a VTR250 yesterday,

    07 model 7000k's never been dropped and got it at an awesome price of $4400.

    Feels so smooth to ride, huge difference in power from the Sachs 150 that I did my test on.

    Will post pics tomorrow :)
  18. [​IMG]

    There she is. didn't mean to hijack or anything :)
  19. Sachs?? OMG if you had bought one you would have to look up to scooter riders..love the VTR reminds me of the chuck norris film delta force, their code name was big blue wrecking crew.
  20. I had to use one for the learners test :D

    Horrible little thing it was.