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my new first bike - Gladius

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Daz1990, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Heres my 2009 Gladius LAMS ,
    had it for a couple weeks now and im absolutely loving it,
    being a lams edition i wasnt expecting anything too fast but when i open up the throttle it sure puts the $hits up me and a massive grin on my face.

    give me a nod if you see me about :)


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  2. I have one too.. same colour but non-LAMS.

    Seriously the most fun I have EVER had on a bike. And I love the sound of the v-twin (just need to get rid of the chicken drumstick - Megacycle here I come).

    I love it (and I don't care that people say it looks like a tube of toothpaste) :)

    Congrats on your new ride!
  3. i havnt heard that one yet, but its my bike and i love the colours, nd how its got a sorta metalic flake in it.

    thanks aswell :)
  4. See you on Vic Parade
  5. ye, im always headin into the city when im board :)

    ill look out for you
  6. Wow, very nice.
    I considered one of these when I bought my DR650SE, but it was too expensive for me.

    Maybe after my restrictions I will consider the non-limited version of it.

    Have fun!

  7. ye i think im gna try and get mine de-limited after my p's , dealers want stupid amounts but ive been told that its alot cheaper just to order the parts and get someone to swap them over
  8. Nice bike Daz. Getting it derestricted ain't as easy as Hyosungs. To derestrict the sv650s or er6nl you have to deregister and then reregister with the new power which if you ask me and this is what I have been told by dealers is too costly and too much bureaucracy.

    I seriously considered the er6n had it been easier to derestrict after my l's but it's not and that's why I got the cb400 which doesn't have any of these issues.
  9. as in reg with vicroads?

    i think when my restrictions are up ill look into it in more detail if theres an easier way to do it good but if not ...

    i might fancy a new bike anyways , i dno , im in no rush to decide anyway :)
  10. yes with vicroads becase you're bike has to be unregistered as a lam and the reregistered as a non lam which when lam it appears on the rego as lam.

    I had a long hard look at it asked various dealers such as peter stevens, city yamaha & ray quincey and they al said it's not worth it. As for a ball park cost you'd be looking at somewhere between 3.5 to 5.5 grand.

    You're bike will retain its value better if left as it is in its lams guise.
  11. wouldnt the hysoung also be registered as a lams bike tho,
    but they exchange the parts for free, so ive heard.
  12. Why not just derestrict it and not tell anybody?
  13. De restricting the Hyosung is a much simpler task then the Gladius and ER6 and perhaps because they were the first in the market place to offer this service they blocked the easy path for other manufacturers doing it easy in order to keep the barriers of entry high and costly.

    Like I advised I went thru the same situation less then a month ago and the general advice is not to derestrict a restricted bike unless Hyo. A derestricted bike can never legally be rerestricted again plus lams bikes hold their value better for a purpose.

    My opinion after your l's if you get sick of it and want more oomph from your beast sell/trade it and upgrade.
  14. yee i think after your advice i will just probably save myself the hassel and trade up, and like you say the restricted ones should hold there value well,

    thanks for the advice, anyway its not happening anytime soon nd im moreee than loving the gladius :D
  15. Now that's over tell us about the SFV650. I had a look at it but just wasn't my type. They say the tank is the best part of it and looks like a Ducatis one.

    I came close to getting a ER6n but the guys at Peter Stevens have shit all customer service skills. They can see me and my bro wondering around browsing at bikes clearly in need of assistance and not a single one of them came up to us till we approached them but anyway I got my bike now so I am happy.

    I am saying ER6n because that is in direct competition with the Gladius.
  16. i did have a look at the ER6n also but for me, i just didnt feel comfortable on it

    the sgv650u is an awesome bike imo, its got more than enough power for a learners bike
    when i was looking at it i was abit unsure wether it being a 650 and me being all of 70kgs it would be abit heavy for me but its very easy to maneuver and move around on the road and making u-turns etc. from what ive used the breaks they have been good but i havnt done e-stop or anything, they seem good, urm, the cluster is very clear and the gear indicator is so useful , buttons and switches are all within easy reach of my thumbs and i get about 240-260k's a tank which costs ~$15 to fill .. the only thing i dont like is the rear fender with the reflector so i think ill get an eliminator at some point, but all in all a good package id give it 8 or 9 / 10
  17. Good on you and happy that you're enjoying you're machine. Yeah a gear indicator would be nice on the cb400 did the gladius come standard with it?

    How many litres is your tank? I get nearly 400kms from a 20litre tank on a cb400.

    Next thing maybe we should go on one of the netrider learner rides.
  18. ye its standerd, its built into the cluster, id be lost without it having 6 gears lol

    i think its 14.5L if memorie serves me correctly, i think you get an extra k or so per litre ><

    yeh i will be going as soon as i get back from the u.k leaving monday for about 3 weeks , then ill be a regular sight at the rides as im really keen
  19. I work on Tuesday evenings at my 2nd job so unfortunately can't make it to that one. I used to work early Saturdays too but now I have stopped doing it I should be able to tag along the saturday ride though I'd prefer the Tuesday ride as the meet point is much closer to my place.
  20. I am thinking of getting one of these when off restrictions. Love the blue and white. How many km's to the tank do you get?