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My New Fender Eliminator finally arrived!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Archaeon, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Bought a fender eliminator from ebay UK .. over a month for delivery.. but it was worth it :grin: Stock fender was distractingly ugly and out of place..




  2. nice improvement
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  3. Thanks, I think so :)

    The TwoBros zaust on the other side, with my new HIDs ready to be installed... but can't for the life of me reach in to the front to take the original light out!

    And where on earth can I get a decent set of allen keys?
  4. Massive difference. Nice and tidy.
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  5. What model Gixxer is that?
  6. 2011 750 l1
  7. Thats looks a lot better than stock.

    get one from supercheap or repco.... i have one branded 'stanley' slightly expensive, but the quality of their tools is heaps good. quite a few other wrench sets and things by that brand.
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  8. looks Great, as for hex keys you want a brand called "bondhus" im a fitter and these are great. just make sure you get the ones with the ball on the long end as you can use them on an angle. ebay have them chep
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  9. Cheers (y) might grab a set of these!