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My new (fast red) Daytona 675!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Garbled, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I have had it for a few weeks now, but I have a brand new Dayotna 675 sitting in my garage!!

    It has been a dream riding it around and have just clocked up 1,300kms today. Complete blast and massive upgrade
    from my ZZR250. Still getting used roundabouts, the riding position and the massive amount of power.

    I have put a few upgrades on it as well (not in the pics), gold pazzo levers, some sliders and a gel seat.

    What a brilliant bike!!



  2. Nice bike!

    I can't wait to ride one when I'm off restrictions!
  3. Every time I see somebody get one of these I die a little inside. It kills me to see other people owning my dream bike.

    Enjoy it!
  4. I want one! :)
  5. I want one so much...in black with the gold rims.
  6. Damn those things are stylish..

    In QLD apparently you can ride a bigger bike, if you wear some L plates and have someone with an open license following

    Although before you try that I guarantee someone is going to pop up to say I'm wrong.. Tends to happen to me a lot


  7. I think this is one of the great things about bikes, I have had a picture of one of these on my PC as wallpaper for over two years..dreaming about it and now I actually own one!

    Far cry from having an unobtainable $200,000+ car to drool over each day.
  8. That is freakin' hot my friend. Loving the red colour scheme. Must get my fulls soon...
  9. You made the right choice!! Go enjoy it as much as you can!!!

    Had the same problem, bend your arms, a lot, its how it was designed to be ridden. Next roundabout, get right over it, bend elbows a lot, and just look through, you'll get a hard on. :grin:

    Whoop Whoop!!! I found myself in my usual riding style revving only to 8k-rpm, when I give it the berries, she still surprises me... This feeling won't go away for a long time yet. :grin:

  10. Nice, definitely on my upgrade test ride list!
  11. Great bike, I can't wait to get one.

    You can tear the streets now my man.
  12. Hey I upgraded from a ZZR to the Daytona as well.

    Massive difference, but I find it really easy to get used to and love it around town. But in the hills it's incredible.
  13. Nice ride mate, I'm sure you're gonna have a ball with it :biker:
  14. :beer:
    A few people in QLD take this view, including some bike dealers (which is scary). But I've looked at the legislation and my view is that its quite clear that you can ride an unrestricted bike with your RE, only if:
    1. you've held your RE for at least 1 year (doesn't include suspension/disqualification periods);
    2. you have L's on your bike; and
    3. you're accompanied by someone (not as a pillion) who has had their R for at least 1 year.

    I haven't seen any 1000ccs though with L Plates. I'm sure it would draw much unwanted attention! :beer:
  15. This is most definitely correct. I rode my Daytona for a few weeks while I waited to do my open licence. I rang the dept. of transport and they said it was OK with those conditions you mentioned. Nice bike, you will love it.
  16. Welcome to the club mate! I have absolutley no regrets with mine I can't think of anything that I'd replace it for. I had high expectations of mine and it exceeded them. I've had nothing but compliments on the bike everywhere I take it. I frequently catch people taking photos of it which is kind of flattering - I'm used to having the beaten up shitbox where the only people who take an interest in it is the cops.
  17. Nice one mate. Take good care of it :)
  18. Great Bike -- if I wasnt so damn big I would own one but alas they are uncomfortable for me
  19. omg that bike looks absolutely Wicked. Especially in Red!!!! Enjoy the ride :)