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My new ER6nl, 1st Road Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Ice o 75, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Finally got my L's and this is my new bike


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  2. Very nice, those things sound wicked with a good exhaust on them.
  3. Congrats! Awesome Bike there..

    Ride Safe!
  4. @ kernel klunk, yeh I got a Leo Vince SBK pipe chucked on and it has given it a real nice note, sound like a bigger mongrel with the baffle out but is a case of its bark is bigger than its bite. @ Lazy Libran, yeh I really like it, when I looked up all the LAMS bikes they really caught my eye finding it nice to ride just got to learn to ride it well.
  5. Yeah I can see that from the photo. Have you tuned the ECU or put a power commander on it?
  6. loevly lookin first ride! enjoy
  7. No I haven't even taken the throttle governing screw out yet. Gonna try and leave all that until im off my L's. Any suggestions though? apparently you can remove a loop in the wiring loom?
  8. Congrats on the new bike - I have one myself and absolutely love it.

    With regards to de-restricting, there are a few sites around telling you how to do it - google is your friend. But, I recommend holding off until you really learn how to ride the bike. 80ish HP might not sound like much, but I assure you, it can get you in trouble real quick.
  9. i have the new ER6F-L and i love the thing, nice choice mate. i also wouldn't de-restrict it until you have had alot more experience. Although it is a snap to do!
  10. Top stuff mate, by all accounts they are good bikes. A lot of dispatch/courier riders are running them and that always says something.

    I'm with those guys as far as keeping it restricted is concerned - you do not need more pwoer at this stage. I reckon somewhere between 30 and 50hp is about all you want on a learner bike, any more will just get you into trouble way too quickly. For example, I had an Aprilia RS125 with 30hp for my first year of riding and found that I only wanted more 'go' in the last few months. Meantime I'd learnt to corner, stop and scan traffic reasonably well... all getting me ready for the next bike. Thats the approach learners need to take.

    Anyway, big fluro safety-rant aside, you've got a nice bike there and you'll definitely appreciate being able to learn on her. One thing I'd recommend for it that I can't see in the photos is a good set of frame sliders, otherwise known as crash knobs. Not having a go at you, but at some point you'll almost definitely drop it and having the protectors will save you a fair bit of cash and keep your bike looking good! Google 'Oggy Knobs' for a good Aussie brand.

    Cheers - boingk
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  11. Nice bike in Black too. I have the 650RL and was thinking of changing the pipe. Did you notice any difference in performance STD v your pipe. Not sure if I want to do it then try and tune the bike as well.
    Nice colour 2 black
  12. very good question, i am not sure about it either. $500 for a sound, it sounds pretty good anyway.
  13. Not so sure about the difference performance aspect, due to having the pipe put on from new and the test bike I rode also had one. I just know I liked the way it sounded and got it chucked in pretty cheap. Can probably refer to Leo Vince on the net somewhere for performance specs.
  14. Great bike, congrats and lets be honest, a great sound is all that matters!
  15. dont forget the oggy nobs!!
  16. +1 for that. I got them on mine and no one had to twist my rubber arms for them either
  17. Nice bike but I am biased.
  18. Awesome bike mate - very nice as your first machine....enjoy and be safe