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My new ducati 748

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by damov, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Because some people have been bugging me for some pics of my new beautiful italian treasure.

    Check her out:

  2. Nice... just get rid of the headlight protector, looks rank.
  3. If you mean is it technically hotter than the R6, then yes.

    If you mean does it LOOK hotter than the R6, then definitely not. Your old R6 was a mean-looking piece of kit :).
  4. Well I think your bike looks very nice.
  5. I'd say they're equal in terms of looks. That's just my opinion of course.
    Also my opinion; I know the Ducati will sound alot better.
  6. yep, its far better to spend $850 on new headlights ;)
  7. lol yeah that makes loads of sense.

    They came with the bike. It does look a little nasty maybe if I can somehow attach them without the white velcro.
  8. the velcro is so you can remove and clean

    some small points in the corner of silastic would be a solution but of course doesnt allow you to remove them for cleaning

    you could always paint them black to improve the look of the bike ;)
  9. Ok I took the headlight proctector off! It looks heaps better. Likelyhood of my headlights getting smashed is pretty slim anyhow.

    We had some half decent weather yesterday here in Auckland so I got to go for a big spin on the ducati. Man she loves those long progressive corners :grin:

    I am going to have to invest in some ear plugs though I was seriously half deaf after about 3 hours of riding. :shock:
  10. Well ethier way it'll turn more heads, for the fact it's something different from the Jap bikes and it'll sound f&*kin awesome :grin:
    Personaly i think the twin undertail exhaust is an all round winner!!
  11. It's a ducati, it's hotter than most!
  12. Do'h. Yeah, that's what I thought with my Ducati until I got a large stone chip on my nice, clean, bright headlight. While it may not get busted, it will get ruined with stone chips. Replacements are very expensive. That $850 wasn't a joke. :shock:

    I looked at those velcro ones as well, and just couldn't bring myself to buy a set. Get the stick on, 3mm thick flexible plastic headlight protectors. Decent bike shops should have them, or if not a made to size set, then you can buy sheets of the stuff and cut to size, which is what I did. :cool:
  13. I had one between 2001 & 2006, loved every bit of it. It was a ’97 model, technically very similar to yours. Ran faultless for the 30,000kms I put on it.
    I never ran a headlight protector, even after dropping my bike a couple of times.

    Bad stuff:
    My retifier blew early on, but on your bike being a later model, it has a reliable japanise unit which should last forever.

    I was always paranoid about the airbox as the tank is the top half of the airbox & exteme leaning force of your knees on the tank might cause it to move enough to allow open air in around the rubber seal. The air filters are actually in the intake ducts either side of the steering head below the headlight.

    I never got used to the heavy clutch, an never ran an open clutch cover either because it was way to noisy with anything older than brand new cltuch plates. The riding possie was a pain in city going for me, made riding at higher speeds a relief – but that was not the best for my licence.

    Servicing costs are pretty steep, but you can do it yourself, but you need lots of time to dismantle it all. They say that Ducati employ women on their engine production lines because they have smaller hands & you’ll discover this when you do your valve clearances. (my Clearnaces where pretty spot on for the whole time, prettymuch).

    That’s all for the bad stuff.

    Not enough space for the good stuff, below is a link to my old site where I wrap on & on about my previous 748, most of it is rubbish so don’t take it seriously.


    I’ve got a Hornet now, but that’s because I’m going through a phase that most blokes would just sell out of bikes all together for a spell, but riding is too much fun to go without entirely, and aterall, it’s not about the bike……
  14. nice bike , Ducati's are very nice machines ..
  15. [​IMG]