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My New Dual Sport Bike

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by Anzac71, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Well when I say new its so new I have not even got it yet, but February 2009 I will be the proud owner of a Kawasaki KLR650 not bad for $8500 Ride away.



  2. Congrats and enjoy! When you finally get it that is.
  3. Congratulations on your new bike!

    I'm after an opinion here. Is this the kind of bike you can tour interstate and also go trail riding on? Are there better options for that?

    For example, I'd like a bike that I can ride comfortably from Melbourne to Perth and back over a month or so and then use it for trail rides (not enduro racing) in the mountains of East Gippsland. Can this bike handle it easily?

    I realise the best option is two bikes but I already have a bike and two cars so I don't really want two bikes (been down that road before).
  4. I think the KLR650 would handle the trip quite well, you also could consider the Honda Transalp, Suzuki DL650 Vstrom or BMW F 800 GS
  5. Depends if oyu are after graded dirt, firetrail, or single track work. I know that that it can do single track but most think that it is to big for that sort of work.

    It is after all a more road onrientated bike than say a DR650 but it is capable.
  6. Thanks for the replies and sorry to the OP about the semi hijack.

    Would it be fair to say that this bike would be better than the DR for touring and better than the Vee/Wee, F800 and Transalp on the trail (I'm talking single trail here)? Obviously they are all more than capable for commuting and dirt roads.

    Just trying to see where it sits.
  7. He's got till Feb to wait :wink: Nice bike BTW and good price :cool:

    DR's lighter, but has air cooled donk and 20 year old technology - pluses and minuses about that :wink:

    DR comes with very little; small tank, no rack, harder seat - all standard on KLR

    How much single track you looking to do? Maybe a KTM 640/625 or Husky 610 be a better option for you - but a few year old going to be price of a new DR - but for a reason :wink: Also look at a BMW Dakar - the fuel injected ones get great economy - but again not cheap

    Forget the twins for any single track - you'll tire yourself out very quickly.

    Dual purpose bikes are all about compromise - work out the majority of your riding and work from there
  8. We picked up a new GS800 on Saturday. ICE ( hubby Shaun) reckons its already the best bike he has ever owned. I think the 07 Gixxer thous will be getting pretty lonely from now on as the Beemers are our bikes of choice. I use my GS650 for 5 days a week commuting, weekend twisties, around town for shopping and coffee and our round Oz trip in Sept! It loves dirt- we both have the road tyres, so sand and mud wont be too flash, but for gravel/ bush roads they are great. They do everything really well. The only thing they wont see is the track ( thats what the Gixxer is for) but having said that, the GS800 would still do respectable times I reckon :twisted: We just love having multi purpose bikes, they are just the best. Go and have a look at the new 800 at Southbank, it has the smallest LED indicators ever, its a really nice looking bike. I think BMW have a winner with this model, they cant keep up with the demand for them. Bit more poke than the 650 but none of the bulkiness of the 1200 ( or the price :wink: )
  9. OMG :oops: I just re read this thread now at lunchtime and IM guilty of hi jacking this thread too.. i m so sorry. your bike looks lovely too! how many sleeps away is that?? not that you would be counting.. :)
  10. KLR is probably the best budget option for what you describe. Another one would be the Yamaha XT660R (do they still sell them?).
    KTM 640 Adventure, but lots more money (and of course the 990 for even more).
  11. Congrats,hard to beat price...but better pricing to come given the financial climate...
  12. No worries all talk about Dual Sport bikes is good. I went to the dealer today and might be getting it sooner rather than later.
  13. Nice bike....I think the wait will kill you though
  14. congrats on the new bike, sucks about the wait, but think of all the bling you could have sitting in the lounge waiting for FEB... like a mini LWR tool up.. when i was trying to work out the first bike to buy i would lay in the bath, spa mat thingo going and the brochures for all the options of bikes laid out so i could just look at them and sort of float.. so cool to have the one you want sorted..
  15. While I also think the DR is well worth the money and for the $8500 you could readily have the larger tanks etc, the KLR is a good bike and will be trouble free as well as cheap to run etc.

    As for the XT660R, I did a lot of chasing when I was looking over the last few months and could not find one in the flesh to check out but they do still sell them. The problem I see is that the quoted price is $10990 plus on road (lets be fair, you could get one for $10990 on road) which is, IMO way to expensive.

    The XT660R is admittedly more refined than either the KLR or DR and to some it may well be a better looking bike as well as better performing. But by the time I do all the work to my DR that I intend (Bashplate, Bars, 20 litre IMS tank, suspension and pipe, not to mention rack and barkbusters) I will have change from that figure.

    To me, the XT is not that substantially a better bike than the DR/KLR yet the price prohibits it being a better seller as you are starting to get into KTM/Husquvarna/GasGas territory and are within $1000 of an Aprilia Pegaso trail.

  16. Spoke to a bloke yesterday that bought a DR for 6850 including on roads. Phoar. That's a buy. 2009 model too, in white.

    Still, ad an extra six hundred bucks for a tank and a few other bits and peices to make it more tour worthy and I guess it loses some of it's charm.

    KLR can't be a bad choice. Good enough for the army, should be fine for what you do!
  17. :shock: YUP,and gunna get better as 'shops struggle...
  18. mate, I think you'll be happy with the KLR, they are great. Sadly for me, I am forced to spend far too much time on bitumen, so I went with a dl650 (vstrom). Mine is a fantastic tourer and is great on made roads, even hard packed tracks is no problem at all. My mate got the KLR and it is noticeably more suited off road than my strom.

  19. damn thats a buy and a half.
  20. God yeah.

    And people want 6k for a 06 model with 15k on the clock and a staintune. Pfft.