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My new (dream) 'bike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Cheeba, May 20, 2011.

  1. After having a mishap on some wet tramlines on the Burwood Highway in Melbourne and the end result of the 'bike trying to bunny hop a kerb whilst lying down proving terminal... I have now got the 'bike I have wanted for quite some time and I couldn't be happier! Well I could, that would involve not having to work though!

    Here it is... an '06 KTM 990 Superduke :D


    It really is a beast and I cannot wait to get the Akrapovic's back on it tomorrow!
  2. Yummy bike.
  3. wow nice bike, my favourite colour too!!

    this bike is on my shortlist when i sell later this year.

    out of interest how easy is it for commuting, stop starting in traffic? is it very twitchy or manageable?
  4. Jealous...

    Absolutely love the SD, well done :)
  5. Very nice, colours great too
  6. Thanks All - I am well chuffed with the bike :D

    It's really easy mate and I find it is so ludicrously well balanced that slow riding is a piece of piss. It does however have one tooth less at the front which I think is a bonus at lower revs. It's mapped for the Akros I need to put back on so it will be even smoother tomorrow! Don't be mislead though - it's a sheer brutish hooligan of a bike ;)

    I cannot recommend highly enough that you throw a leg over one!
  7. im not normally a KTM fan, but that bike looks bloody awesome.
  8. A couple of the top posters on my other forum, including the boss (read Mouth analogue) have the adventure tour version. Forget what the model designation is, but it's the superduke with high bars, basically. They love it. Can't praise it enough.
  9. My Mates got one, He loves it,
  10. WOW!

    she's sexy as hell! so want!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Superduke was my top pick when it came to upgrade time, but I just couldn't stretch the budget enough to get one.

    Consider me jealous!
  12. that's an awesome colour and a lovely lookin bike!
  13. I hate that I'm not a fan of the colour or sharp angles as everything else about it appears to be perfect.

  14. KTM went to a 16T front from 07 onwards, even though the manual says 17T, bike is much better geared like that. If you want to liven it up, throw on a 40 or 41T rear, it seems to be the preferred gearing for the street.

    Also check out TuneECU for all your mapping needs.
    Jump on the forum and say hello for all the info you could want.

    Superduke forum
  15. Thanks Red ZX, I'll look into the difference a rear sprocket change will make. The previous owner had already put a 16T on the front and the bike is mapped for the Akros. I'll definitely be checking out the SD forum, cheers!

    I've just put some GB Racing frame sliders on and they seem to be very well made and hopefully their mettle will never be tested ;)
  16. That's a dam sexy machine! I love the look of these bikes, the angles are great.
  17. Very awesome, eye-catching bike.
    Congrats Cheeba mate !
  18. I'm not usually a fan of anything remotely sporty, but that thing is sex. Just plain sex
  19. very sweet. I'm expecting it to transform and walk away at any moment though
  20. Sweet bike mate! I'm preeeeetty sure I've seen it parked somewhere in the CBD in the past few weeks...usually the same spot, but I can't remember what street exactly...