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My new desktop wallpaper

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Mennnnntal:

  2. Holy far kin L Thats crazy!!!! an sooo kewel
  3. thats pretty crazy

    hope he landed it :!:
  4. Up, up and away!

    (Caption contest, anyone?)
  5. Too much Red Bull I think :LOL:
  6. YAY Red Bull colours like my baby FZR250!
  7. Red Bull gives you wings!!! apparently.. never tried the stuff myself.
  8. Ok, loz, so where is the pic taken? They don't get that much air off the Ballaugh Bridge on the Island!
  9. It's been photoshopped.

    How did he get that much air?

    My guess is hes just about to do a mono as he was snapped hence why he's off the seat.

    There are a lot of artifacts(is that the correct geeky term?) around the outlines of the bike and rider.
  10. Pretty sure it's legit. Lots of artifacts everywhere - just due to the jpeg compression used.

    There's a few other pictures of various other bikes getting air at that section of that track. I think it's in the UK somewhere.
  11. Correct Cathar, it's in the UK at Caldwell Park.

    Here's another pic from the same race. No shenanigans.

    And here's a corker of Rossi chasing Stoner, what a bewdy!
  12. Actually it's Cadwell Park, but that answers the question. Barry Sheene got into a lot of trouble by boycotting the Island but racing at Cadwell and Scarborough, both of which are arguably much more dangerous tracks.

    Great couple of pics, Loz.
  13. Niiice pics Loz, love the one of Rossi chasing Stoner.
    Its amazing the bag of tricks riders have to possess these days
  14. correct !!

    BSB round 11 Cadwell Park (Aug 28)
  15. Indeed :)
  16. they were saying on rpm that rossi was getting 60 degree lean angle on the tyres now i can see why
  17. Yeah that was good during the race last nite, every so often when they were following rossi or any certain rider, there was the lean angle being shown...
  18. Did anybody else notice the great gobs of nothing under Rossi's back wheel when on the brakes?
  19. Yeah, they had that great camera shot at the end of the straight. You could see pretty much all the racers' wheels skipping around but Rossi was lifting it quite high on occasion.

    That was the same corner where the dude went for a late braking overtake in the 250s and his rear stepped out a foot to the left when the guy he was overtaking was about a foot and one inch to his left..... awesome stuff!
  20. i was like yeaaa its a nice foto but i dont see the big deal! untill noticed the fkn thing was like half a meter off the ground!!!

    VERY NICE :cool: