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My new cruiser XVS650

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Nightowl, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Here's the bike I got last week - '02 Yamaha XVS650A V-star classic white & silver (the silver's almost sky blue, looks darker in pic).
    Standard, no customisation - will worry about that later, maybe ... I do have some panniers on order though. Have only been riding this a couple of days but am lovin' every minute!


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  2. Nice bike!

    Enjoy cruisin' around!
  3. Thanks akaluke, will do!
    The only downside I've discovered so far was the look on my boxer's face when she found there was no seat for her ... disappointment doesn't even begin to cover it. [-(
  4. lots of folks have these and everyone seems to love 'em :)
  5. That's funny.

    When I got mine - the first question my friends asked was ... "Where's Barkly going to sit?"

    Barkly is my dog.
  6. Hi Paul - yes :) and I imagine everyone has different reasons too, but a big plus for me was the sense of stability ... I'm sure many bikes have this, but I do like that I can plant a foot (or both) firmly on the ground when needs be.

    Did my learners on XT250 which was fine & enjoyed that too, but the higher seat left me far more extended with one foot down and feeling less stable in blowy conditions. Was a little gusty out today and felt good and solid on road & at stops. Today I also found it easier to travel really slowly when traffic was at a crawl on this than the lighter, higher one when had to travel slowly in training. All a matter of experience (which am slowly getting) and personal preference I guess. When I was riding many years ago, was out in a quiet country town & a bit of off-road - much quieter than here. Figure the more comfortable I am = more attention have to pay to what's going on around me.

    Luke - it's a concern isn't it?! Mine were suggesting goggles & a sidecar ... but my solution to all this was "I'm not licensed to carry any passengers - can you pls babysit!"
  7. Very nice bike and enjoy riding. Nearly bought one myself.
  8. Lovely bike, I have a friend who has one of those and she absolutely loves it. Nice to see another lady rider here.
  9. Thanks ResmeN and Ametha. :)
  10. Hi Nightowl,
    Great looking bike you have there !
    Enjoy !
  11. We have a lady in Pakenham with a couple of little dish lickers and an a new XVS650, she had panniers made with clear plastic "raised" covers so she can carry the dawgs. She definately gets noticed. Or you could get one of these

  12. Thanks Nickers777 and nobby.

    I imagine those pannier pets would turn some heads and the canine cruiser was a real treat! :D

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  13. Here's a moo-ving photo.

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  14. #14 Nightowl, May 13, 2010
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    Love that pic Ametha!!!
    ]"The Purple Helmets"[/URL] are quite mad :D