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My new CBR300RA's first time out of the garage

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by speedkick, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Managed to get out on the new bike for the first time yesterday.

    A few stalls, grabbed neutral a couple of times but overall not too bad. Once I got from stop to go, the bike was really comfortable.

    It's strange that the things done to change gear in a car are exactly the same on a bike but because the muscle memory isn't there, everything feels rushed because I have to think about it (at the moment!).

    Really wanted to get out again today but Christmas won ;) and clearing a bigger space in the garage.

    Won't be too long before I get out there again!
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  2. Well done, remember, every kilometre you ride at this stage is an invaluable chance for you to learn something...
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  3. Good work I think stalling is mandatory :wacky:
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  4. Congrats Jeffco!

    I got the tri-colour version. Watch out for that twitchy throttle. Only two stalls, and an accidental emergency stop button press (while dressed in a santa suit waving to kids).
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  5. Nice purchase!

    I got one recently too. Did you have trouble with getting into first gear from neutral while stopped?
  6. Occasionally when the gears haven't warmed up (sometime after temp gauge reads normal) it can do that, but a quick blip on the clutch fixes that. I used to have a bit of trouble changing 2-3 when cold as well, but that seems to have cleared up after about 300km on the clock.
  7. I didn't have a problem getting to first but I was being over cautious and making sure I was in first way before coming to a stop. Something that the Pre-learner instructor was pretty hot on.
    I reckon Rexxy is spot on though, I think geared engines sometimes have a problem when stopping where things don't quite line up right and a "quick blip" just nudges things along (all based on experience in a car rather than on a bike though).
  8. Congrats. Looks like alot of people have recently purchased a cbr300r. I just got mine in tricolor on Friday and took it out for its first spin yesterday. Total noob as well and need more practice.
    Mostly had issues rolling off from 1st gear without stalling and getting it into neutral when rolling to a stop as well but other than that i did okay.
  9. Welcome to the forum Beyblade, when you get a chance can you post an introduction thread in the Welcome Lounge, it is the custom around here and will help your account upgrade to member status quicker.
  10. Not to hijack the thread, but you should not be trying to hit nuetral coming to a stop, but getting into first gear.
  11. A good point BeybladeBeyblade Be ready to go is the mantra, watch your mirrors for cars that may not stop and have your escape paths planned.
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  12. The gear boxes on bikes don't have syncro like cars. They use 'dogs'. Almost impossible to change more than 1 gear with bike stationary, even that's not a given. Either the bike needs to be rolling, or a small release of the clutch to the friction point to allow the gear box to change. Best to change whilst still rolling.
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  13. I wouldn't worry about stalling mate, I stalled as I took a new bike for a test ride out of the shop driveway haha

    Keep it up and enjoy the ride
  14. Managed to get out again and the stalling has now gone away ;)
    Still a bit jumpy/rushed/nervous about stopping to turn right, which just feels weird at the moment. Can't get the timing right but will just be practice.

    Starting to feel the bike is really good though, I think I made the right choice - which is a relief considering the investment in the bike and gear.

    It may still be a while before getting on the M2 (Sydney). I think I need a few Sunday Coffee Rides before that.
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  15. Hello speedkick, I went through all the same thing, I now have 3 months experience, remember dont baby the 300 and also smooth throttle for control :)
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