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MY new CBR250RR, HI everyone, any starter tips and advice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BKN, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    just a bit excited just bought my first bike, a cbr250rr. Going for my learners in a week or so.

    any tips for a new learner regarding the bike itself, what to be careful of etc.

    Hope to see some guys around soon.

    Cheers :)

  2. Welcome, matey


    Don't try and see 18,000 rpm on the way home from the registry office; wait till week two :LOL:

    Give us some idea of where you are too, so we can invite you to the appropriate coffee nights/rides etc.....
  3. KWAAHH, That's a flash one ay?
    No wonder you're excited.

    Oh yes, big warm welcome to the forums.
  4. That looks really good in black compared to the usual colours :)
  5. what hospitality, lol. im from werribee area. hang around altona sunshine and the city alot.

    any tips and advice so i can live a bit longer hehe.
  6. G'day and welcome mate. Nice bike, you've got every reason to be happy.

    Tips: Relax, listen and enjoy yourself. You'll be fine ;)
  7. Theres plenty to be carefull of. Do some reading and you will pick up many good tips, and also see peoples crash storys and what they could have done to avoid them.

    You have to really watch out for stuff on the road, hitting anything bigger than a pebble mid corner can make you loose it.

    Most important thing for you as a new learner is get plenty of carpark practice.
    You can get your confidence right up (which is extreemly important on a bike, so many learners run wide or hit the brakes mid corner because they dont have confidence in the bikes turning).
    Nice big clean carpark (beware of oil and gravel), do figure 8's and you will gradually get tighter and faster as you learn the tricks that make a bike turn.

    Practice your emergency stops, extreemly important!
    And your takeoffs so you arent stressing about stalling at the lights (and can get out of trouble)

    When you first start you are using all your concentration to just control the bike, you have nothing left for dealing with traffic dangers.
    Practice in a safe area until all the controls are instinct to you, then you are using no concentration on the controling and can devote it all to traffic hazards and the road surface.

    Do the stuff they will teach you at the course, headchecks, look where you want to go, gradual braking.

    Also be aware that you will likley be given some absolute crap advice on how to ride fast etc. (not here, just in general) Just because someone has a 1000cc bike dosnt mean they know what they are talking about. Use your judgement :grin:

    Know what you and your bike can do and have confidence in that, but dont have overconfidence and think your the next Rossi after riding for two months. :grin:
  8. Experience and practice will save your ass...
    Just don't land on your ass whilst your practicing, else it'll be an experience.
  9. Advice....You'll find this other places on the forum but it bears repeating.

    Assume that no one else on the road (or footpath) has seen you, in fact assume that they are trying to kill you. Your safety is up to you, if you ever put yourself in a situation where you are relying on someone else seeing you....not good.

    Unless your headlights are insanely bright, ride with them on highbeam during the day.

    Check yer tyre pressures often (at least once a week). Learn how to adjust your chain.

    Find a deserted raod or industrial estate and practice emergency stops, start gentle and slowly build up to confidently stopping in a hurry from 50, 60, 80, 100.

    Everytime you hop on yer bike, remember that while it is more fun than anything (mostly) legal has any right to be, it can be dangerous too, so keep your eyes open and your wits about you.

    Oh and remember to have fun :grin:
  10. THAT'S as good advice as you'll get in a long time, mate. I'm convinced that my recent 'off' was due to the fact that I was wearing Polariods and rode into a dark patch of road and my eyes didn't have time to adjust quickly enough to see the loose gravel on top of a patched pothole.....
  11. Welcome to the forum BKN. My advice would be to have fun, practice and laugh at yourself when you do stupid things like thinking the bike is out of oil when you stall it. :oops:
  12. Nice bike BKN

    and some really good tips too (me as a new rider am also soaking up the tips)

  13. don't buy a bike until you have done your l's, known a few people who bought the bike, did the l's, went for a ride the next day and hated the road. They had to force themselves to ride it since they bought it which can become a very dangerous thing.
  14. Hi and welcome BKN!

    My advice.....ALWAYS be alert and expect everyone else on the road to do the wrong thing!
  15. not the best start. before my first ride and i have a flat and dead battery :-(
  16. dodgy seller :p
  17. hey BKN come ride with me lol. my battery dont work either. remember to turn it off before you take the keys out too :p

    sweet bike aswell man.

    and as for advice, take it easy, i started off on a sports bike and luckily did the right thing by taking it slow. even though its tempting to burn cagers at the lights, just chill and take it slow. also dont let wanks in riceburners pressure you into drags before your ready.

    and remember, dont do a speed that your not confident enough to do an emergenct stop at.
  18. 'sokay mate, they're piss easy to push start (as I discovered today with another new CBR owner...) :)
  19. A CBR 250 is anything but new, except for a newbie. Welcome to the boards.

    Take care on the roads so we dont see you turned into a set of newbie cubes.
  20. When I took my bike in for a service, I was informed that one of the rockers was broken, so one of two cylanders was not opening at all and the other one wasn't working properly either.

    A very expensive lesson, but...